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Neighbours Spoilers – Love triangles aplenty on Ramsay Street

When Ned sees Harlow with Corey next week on Neighbours in the UK, jealousy takes over, and a spark develops between Kiri and Chloe – how will Nicolette react?

These scenes will premiere in the United Kingdom on Monday, April 11th, and in Australia on Wednesday, May 4th.

Love is in the air on Ramsay Street next week, but none of the possible pairs have it easy.

Harlow and Corey make Ned envious

Ned (Ben Hall) spent the most of his polyamorous relationship with Amy (Jacinta Stapleton), while Levi (Richie Morris) yearned for all of Amy’s attention. Amy eventually put things on hold to spend more time with her freshly returned daughter Zara (Freya Van Dyke), but as their hiatus grew longer, Ned began to believe that things were ready to burn out completely.

Just before Ned left for River Bend, Amy informed him she was ready for them to try again – and that now that Levi was gone, he’d have her all to himself for the first time.

Of course, things were not as simple as that. He and Harlow (Jemma Donovan) got themselves lost in the jungle while on their catastrophic excursion away. They slept together after their time together revealed an unexpected spark. Ned, on the other hand, decided to try again with Amy soon after they returned to Erinsborough.

Despite having Amy’s full attention, he’s spent the last few weeks longing for Harlow, who moved to London and began ignoring his calls and texts.


There she met Corey (Laurence Boxhall), a charismatic young backpacker, and the following week Corey makes a surprise appearance in Erinsborough, having been so taken with their brief encounter that he goes half way around the world to see her.

Ned is eager to clear the air with Harlow now that she has returned to Erinsborough, but he can’t get a minute alone with her.

Instead, Harlow spends time with Corey, who is pleasant company and provides the ideal distraction from everything that is going on with Ned. However, the embarrassment continues when everyone assumes they’re a couple. She also finds out that Ned told Kyle about their night together, which upsets her.

To make matters worse, Amy, who almost figured out Ned’s secret when she saw a text from Harlow requesting him to leave her alone, is completely unaware of the reality and is hell-bent on mending the split between Ned and Harlow.

Then, as everyone walks to the dance floor on a night out, the temperature rises, and it appears like Ned and Harlow will have a hard time fighting their lingering connection.

When Ned sees Harlow and Corey together again a few days later, he attempts to conceal his envy.

He tells Harlow he’s envious of them, but her admission enrages her, and she chastises him for it, especially since he’s opted to rekindle his relationship with Amy. They agree to keep their distance from one other, but their feelings for each other are undeniable.

Is it possible for Nicolette and Kiri to kiss?

Another love triangle on Ramsay Street could be set to explode.

Kiri (Gemma Bird Matheson) has lately moved into No. 24, where she will be joined by Chloe (April Rose Pengilly), Mackenzie (Georgie Stone), and Freya (Phoebe Roberts).

Given their brief but tumultuous relationship, Nicolette is first scared by the prospect of having Kiri as a neighbour, but she chooses to make the most of the awkward situation by being her true authentic self in the hopes of eventually winning Kiri over.

Nicolette finds out that Kiri is going on a street beach excursion the next week and invites herself along.

Kiri soon softens her stance toward Nicolette, aided along by Chloe, who filled her in on everything Nicolette was going through during the baby-snatching drama, and the two decide to become friends. Nicolette is pleased with the development, but it appears that someone else – Chloe – may be about to obstruct them.

Chloe and Nicolette were engaged only a few months ago, but today they’re hardly friends. Chloe was desperate for them to reconcile, but she now seemed to understand that they do not have a future together.

So, now that Chloe and Kiri are living together, could they be the next hot couple on Ramsay Street? From the start, Mackenzie saw a spark between them, but Chloe denied it. As the roommates spend more time together, it appears that Mac was correct.

The connection between them is hot as they enjoy a night of yoga at No. 24. They continually finding themselves on the verge of something more as they move closer and closer.

They ultimately admit that they have a mutual desire, but they agree that they shouldn’t go because of their experience with Nicolette.

But it’s easier said than done…


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