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Neighbours confirms details of Kyle and Roxy’s final episode

Kyle Canning and Roxy Willis’ final episode will air next week, according to Neighbours.

After hearing some life-changing news, the couple will be leaving Erinsborough for a new life in Darwin.

Kyle and Roxy’s exit storyline begins on screen this week, as they announce their decision to leave Ramsay Street, as we just revealed.

Kyle has misgivings about the decision, which causes conflict with Roxy at the last minute. They do, however, eventually get back on the same page.

Roxy’s mother Gemma, in an unexpected twist, assists her in recognising that she is pregnant.

Roxy’s recent pregnancy test turned out to be a false negative. She’s happy to learn that she and Kyle will be having a kid after all.

The day will come next week for Kyle and Roxy to say their final goodbyes.

Their friends and family come together to throw them a farewell party with gifts.

Roxy takes advantage of the situation to reveal her pregnancy, and everyone is ecstatic.

Kyle and Roxy leave Erinsborough after some warm farewells, bringing the Ramsay Street sign with them.

Kyle and Roxy’s exits appear to be heralding a larger shift on the Street, as Sheila indicated in a recent episode that she will be selling Number 26 following her move to LA.

Levi, who will soon be the only Canning left, bemoaned the idea that he’d have to find a new place to live.

Jason Herbison, the executive producer of Neighbours, has previously stated that a new family will be moving onto Ramsay Street before the show’s August conclusion.

“What I can say is that the final few months feature a little bit of everything that we know and love Neighbours for,” Herbison told Inside Soap.

“There’s high drama, unexpected visits, an untimely tragedy, a slew of romantic entanglements, and plenty of Neighbours fun.” There is also a great sense of regeneration because a new family is moving into the street.”


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