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Home and Away Spoilers – Felicity tells Tane she wants a baby

In an unexpected change of events, Felicity informs Tane she’s ready to start a family this week on Home and Away in Australia. Rose handles Mali’s ex-boyfriend’s visit in another place.

After recent problems in her marriage to Tane (Ethan Browne), Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) appears to be making a dramatic U-turn, but is she doing it for the right reasons?

Since Flick’s refusal to have children has always been staunch, Tane has agreed to honour her decision, even though it had threatened to end their relationship.

However, Tane was hoping that she could be beginning to back down on the children problem, since Flick’s attitude about marriage has evolved over the previous year and a trip to New Zealand to visit his extended family reminded him of his desire for children.

Flick reminded him of their premarital agreement, but she could see that Tane was upset in her choice. It was another firm no from her. Later on, she indicated that it was a no “for now,” acknowledging that he had good grounds to bring up the subject once more.

Flick was adamant that she couldn’t promise anything, though, and she didn’t think she would change her mind about this.

At least until this week’s episodes!


When Tane, Cash (Nicholas Cartwright), and Harper (Jessica Redmayne) accompany Flick on a night out, as revealed by TV Week, it’s evident how much Tane is suffering as a result of her choice.

Cash visits his brother-in-law, who discloses his yearning for children and expresses uncertainty about whether life will be satisfying without them.

The following morning, Tane is even more worn down, and Flick responds to his dissatisfaction by dropping a bombshell in the hopes that it would keep their marriage intact.

She tells a shocked Tane, “I know how much you want to be a dad.” “Let’s start a family now.”

“Tane’s approval from Felicity to begin a family is everything he could have asked for,” Ethan said to TV Week. “He’s barely overjoyed.”

But spectators can see too clearly that Flick is still uncertain. Will she be able to follow through on her declaration, or will her subsequent admission of her genuine sentiments lead to even more problems in their marriage?

We are approaching the next possible roadblock in Rose (Kirsty Marillier) and Mali’s (Kyle Shilling) relationship elsewhere in Summer Bay.

Mali escaped excessive jealousy from Rose, who saw the lighter side, after a video of him dancing for a group of women at a hen party at Salt went viral.

Later on in the same episode, though, a plot twist was introduced when the dependable “ex that’s never been mentioned” reappeared in Summer Bay, eager to start her own drama.

When Zara Campbell (Matilda Brown), who he had grown up with at Mantaray Point, introduced herself to Xander (Luke Van Os) as “Mali’s promised wife,” Mali was astounded to see her and was as blinded as a rabbit in headlights.

Although Mali admitted to Xander that there could be some people back home who wished it would happen, the truth wasn’t quite so cut and dry. Mali and Zara had been childhood friends, and their mums had often joked that they were meant for each other merely torment them.

Zara continues to reside in Mantaray Point, chats frequently with Mali’s mother and sisters, and occasionally even looks after Elandra’s (Rarriwuy Hick) kids.

Reminding Mali that he would have to explain everything to Rose, Xander continued to be a little sceptical of Zara’s motivations for coming to the bay.

Later, it was revealed that Zara and Mali had actually dated for a while, with Zara ending things. When it was out that Zara was planning to stay at Mali’s house while she was in town, Mali was thrown.

As the preview for tonight’s episode reveals, Rose and Xander are having a lot of conversations about Zara this week. Needless to say, Rose is a little taken aback when he reveals that Zara is the “promised wife.”

When Rose gets to the farmhouse and finds Zara settling in the kitchen, it doesn’t make things any better. Rose will undoubtedly find it uncomfortable that Mali and Zara have the isolated property to themselves while Mackenzie (Emily Weir) is away visiting Dean, Ziggy, and Izzy in Queensland.

Rose adds, “Hello, you must be Zara,” while Mali silently stands sheepishly behind her. I am Rose. The girlfriend of Mali.

With a smile, Zara says, “Yeah, I know.”

Rose glances back at Mali, who is still standing there silently.

Zara had stated that all she wanted to do was visit Mali’s new board shop and meet up with him, but it soon becomes apparent what her true motivations were. During their conversation one evening, Zara reminds Mali that he had promised to wait for her and that she may return to him whenever she was ready when she left to attend university.

Zara seems to be making good on her promise at this point.

“Alright,” she says to Mali. “Now I’m ready.”

How far will Zara go to win Mali back, and will he be lured by his former flame?


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