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Home and Away: A desperate Mackenzie gambles everything to get out of debt – including her relationship with Logan

People, place your bets! A flashy illegal poker night invites major players to town this week on Home and Away — and they mean business.

With no end in sight to her financial troubles as a result of her insurance claim being denied, Mackenzie (Emily Weir) is fighting an uphill struggle to maintain Salt while lying to boyfriend Logan about it (Harley Bonner).

She’s so frightened of failing in front of him that she’ll go to any length to hide her mistakes.

However, she may have gotten herself into too much trouble when she decided to hold an underground poker night.

Felicity proposed the idea lately, describing how her old boss might make upwards of $10,000 in a single night. Mac turned down the offer since he didn’t want to go to such lengths.

When debt collectors show up at her house demanding payment, though, she rapidly changes her mind.

“Financial stress causes people to act in ways that are utterly out of character, and Mackenzie is no exception. The poker nights appear to be a quick and easy way for her to relieve her tremendous burden “Emily tells TV WEEK about it.


Felicity soon has a client list of high rollers, and Salt gets a glitzy makeover. Mac keeps the specifics to herself, informing Logan that it’s a private gathering. But how long will she be able to keep it hidden?

“The shame she feels drives her to decide to keep him in the dark,” Emily explains.

Ryder (Lukas Radovich) offers his bartending services that night, and Tane is eager to join in the fun.

Felicity meets people at the tables with ease, as if it were a breeze. Tane is raking in the cash and generating quite a commotion. Mac is taken aback. The evening was a resounding success!

The remorse, on the other hand, sets in the next morning. She lied to the man she loves by committing a crime in order to help herself. This isn’t going to end nicely… Nonetheless, she may be willing to risk it all for the sake of wealth.

Jasmine has a hard time accepting her family

Xander and Rose have arrived at Summer Bay in the hopes of meeting Jasmine, their half-sister (Sam Frost). The issue is that she isn’t sure she wants to know them.

This week, the trio ventured into uncharted territory in their efforts to get to know one another. Jasmine was only discovered by Xander (Luka Van Os) and Rose (Kirsty Marillier) after their father died.

“During the will reading, Xander comes across a name he doesn’t recognise: Jasmine Delaney,” Luke explains to TV WEEK. “Xander comes to the Bay to figure out who this mysterious woman is and, at the absolute least, to give her the money left in his father’s will.”

Jasmine, on the other hand, is doubtful of her late father’s benevolence as well as her step-siblings’ genuine motives.

She begs Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) to conduct a background check on them since she doesn’t want to be conned. Xander, disappointed, proposes they leave town.

It could all be over before it even starts.


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