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Home and Away’s Cash Newman struggles after being suspended

After being suspended from the police department, Cash Newman will find it difficult to control his emotions on Home and Away the following week.

After Dana Matheson went on the run from her ex-boyfriend Olly, the officer had assisted her. As DS Madden’s attempt to kill Dana was exposed as corrupt, the storyline became more intricate.

The scenes from next week will have Cash returning to Summer Bay after a meeting. The sisters are confused since he did not call them when he got back, and they subsequently learn that he was suspended by his girlfriend, Eden.

After some time, Cash contacts the siblings and sets up a meeting; they are appreciative of his assistance during the harrowing experience. Harper tells them during their conversation that Dana’s warrant has been revoked as a result of Olly’s arrest.

Eden, who is all smiles, expressed her anger at the scenario, claiming that she and the other person were the reason behind Cash’s suspension. Cash sets his foot down during the ensuing yelling war and says he is relieved that Madden will be in jail, even if it means he will lose his job.

But in private, he worries about his future and confides in Eden, saying he can’t see himself doing anything else. Following their earlier dispute, the couple apologises to one another, attributing it to stress.

When Cash and Harper subsequently cross paths, Cash expresses his satisfaction that the issue was ultimately addressed and his willingness to make no changes to guarantee that justice was done. Will he be able to go back to his favourite profession in spite of his bold words?



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