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Neighbours spoiler: JJ makes a major confession

There is some uncertainty as to whether the knife recovered at the school was carried in by the gang because it turns out to be a commercial kitchen knife. Lana from the Department walks away without understanding the whole story and unsure of what will happen as a result. Jane feels irritated that Terese isn’t able to assist Lana more.

Andrew finds the knife missing from Harold’s during the lunch rush and goes on a mission to find its source. While at the scene, he questions JJ, Dex, and Nell.

Even though JJ tries to hide it, his guilt overcomes him, and he eventually admits to taking the knife. As a result, he receives a formal warning from Andrew and is suspended from school.

When Dex inquires as to what Slade will face for attacking JJ, Andrew replies that it will be challenging to prosecute him because there were no other witnesses, therefore JJ’s dread of Slade remains unaltered.

When Krista questions a sizable order for her distinctive scent, Chelsea, who is clearly enjoying her position of authority at the hotel, shuts her down. Paul is taken aback but has the will to dispute Chelsea when she brings up her perfume order, manipulating the story with care.

Seeing Paul and Terese having a moment of camaraderie at Josh’s monument, Chelsea becomes irritated and interrupts their sincere conversation.

Leo and Aaron continue to be in the anti-Paul camp, believing that she should take him to the cleaners, while Krista, Remi, Terese, and Wendy vent their complaints about Chelsea. However, Terese makes the decision to confront Chelsea for exploiting Paul when he is in mourning.

When Chelsea asks Terese why she cares so much when she’s no longer with Paul or affiliated with the hotel, a standoff occurs.

In another scene, after going missing for a while, Aaron returns home to find Nicolette irritated, not willing to let go of her anger despite Aaron’s sincere apology. Aaron brings up Nicolette’s pregnancy vacation to Canberra, and Nicolette begins to open up and acknowledge that they can all turn to self-serving means of coping. Aaron is adamant that he wants to make amends with her.


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