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Neighbours Spoilers – Newcomer Felix finds proof that JJ may be his son

Next week on Neighbours, Felix notices something that leads him to think JJ is his son when the newcomer settles into Ramsay Street.

Felix (James Beaufort), the brother of Andrew Rodwell (Lloyd Will), was first introduced to us on Neighbours earlier this week. Andrew Rodwell is incarcerated at Warrinor Prison for his involvement in multiple robberies.

Ray Messner / Freevee by Amazon

Felix was sent down eighteen months ago, and Andrew hasn’t heard from him since. However, last week, Andrew got a letter from his brother, who is likely to be eligible for parole.

Felix hopes to stay with the Rodwells on Ramsay Street after he is released and is searching for Andrew to be his parole sponsor.

Given his position as a police serjeant, Andrew was concerned about the appearance of having a convicted felon living in his home, but his main worry was that Felix might actually be Riley Bryant’s father.

After reading the diary of a woman named Phillipa, who was a common friend of both Andrew’s new neighbour and his mother Cara (Sara West), JJ had initially thought that Andrew was his father. According to the diary, Andrew may have given Cara his sperm when she was trying to conceive. Phillipa then gave it to Cara.

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After a DNA test quickly revealed that Andrew wasn’t JJ’s father, JJ and the Varga-Murphys came to the conclusion that their long-held belief—that the father was a US sperm donor—was true.

But after reading another note in Phillipa’s diary, Andrew came to the conclusion that Felix had also made a “donation,” which Phillipa might have given to Cara in the future.

Felix said he had never made such a donation, but it was later revealed that he had the missing journal pages from Phillipa, which proved he had.

Felix Rodwell… The page said, “He came to me late at night and said he would be happy to give me his sperm.” “Yes, he’s a lot younger than my first pick, Andrew, but does that really matter? Sperm are simply sperm. My childhood fantasy is fully realised.

On the second page, it was revealed that Phillipa had finally opted to give Cara the sperm instead of utilising it herself: “So, major regrets.” I kind of regret not telling Cara the truth regarding the origin of the sperm.

Felix is brought home to reside at No. 26 Ramsay Street by Andrew after he is freed on bail the following week.

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Andrew takes his responsibility as parole sponsor extremely seriously, so things get tight at first. However, as soon as he realises that Sadie (Emerald Chan) and Wendy (Candice Leask) are happy to have Felix around, he starts to loosen up.

Ray Messner / Freevee by Amazon

Ray Messner / Freevee by Amazon

Later, after being introduced to his new neighbours, Felix meets JJ and feels uneasy in private because he may not have known his son before.

The next day, there comes a revelation that may provide proof that JJ and Felix are father and son, even though there is still a chance that the American donor is JJ’s father.

Conflicted over the thought that he might be a father, Felix tries to get to know JJ. Felix is shocked to see that JJ has the exact same birthmark as him during a boxing lesson with Andrew in No. 26’s yard.

It looks like we’re going to find out for sure who JJ’s parents are.

Despite his best attempts, Felix can’t help but be drawn to JJ, according to teaser spoilers for the upcoming few weeks.

JJ uses Felix’s advise later on, not realising that the man might be his biological father.

Ray Messner / Freevee by Amazon

Ray Messner / Freevee by Amazon


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