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Neighbours Spoilers – Byron left hurt after sleeping with Sadie

After losing her virginity to Byron the following week on Neighbours, Sadie is overjoyed, but Byron quickly starts to feel used. Will that mean that their friendship is over?

In this week’s episodes, Emerald Chan’s character Sadie admits to Georgie Stone’s character Mackenzie and Linda Armstrong Hall’s character Holly that she has never had sex, despite the fact that Holly claims it’s all she ever discusses.

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Sadie acknowledges to her closest friends that she is ready for a relationship, she has just not found the perfect man yet.

Holly advises that they find her someone right away after persuading her that perhaps she doesn’t need to wait for Mr. Right. However, when the three girls go out for a night on the town with Byron (Xavier Molyneux) and Haz (Shiv Palekar), they all return home empty-handed.

Holly gets an idea when she sees how devoted Byron is to Sadie the next day while they recover from their hangovers: maybe Sadie ought to ask Byron to steal her virginity.

Because of his years as an escort, Byron is obviously seasoned, and they quickly get along well. He is the ideal man.

Sadie asks Byron around to No. 26 to practice her makeup techniques in an attempt to get closer to him, and as a result, tension between them begins to simmer.

However, as the week progresses, Sadie abandons the plan after understanding she can’t jeopardise their friendship over something as trivial as losing her virginity.

But even though it was all caused by a casual comment made by Holly, Sadie starts to feel more and more attracted to Byron. Is this the real beginning of feelings in her?

The two will naturally come into contact with one another the next week. The tenants of the share home host another party at No. 32 while Sadie’s covert attraction to Byron simmers in this Tuesday’s episode (5th March).

The party guests start playing a game of truth or dare as the drinks start to flow.

When the others finally leave and Sadie and Byron are by themselves, Sadie challenges Byron to show her the previous five photos on her phone. Sadie gets more agitated than before when he flips through and displays a shirtless thirst trap.

Then, when Byron asks Sadie to teach him a dance move, things get hotter.

Sadie finds it harder to resist her attraction as they become closer. When she draws him in for a kiss, Byron gladly accepts it.

They get into a sensual tangle and make their way to Byron’s bedroom after realising they are attracted to each other too. The next morning, Sadie sneaks out of No. 32, feeling pleased with the way she lost her virginity.

Sadie believes that Byron would only want to go on a one-night fling and wouldn’t want to pursue things further after their passionate night together.

She makes it clear to Byron that she isn’t interested in him while trying to be cool, and they decide to keep their friendship casual. However, they both secretly wished for more after their time together.

But before Byron can express his feelings to Sadie, he unintentionally finds out that she had been preparing to ask him to become her virgin because he was formerly an escort.

He’s furious because he feels that Sadie took advantage of him!

It appears that Sadie’s worst dread has come true, even though her sentiments have changed and she is now interested in Byron for far more than simply sex.

Has one of her best pals suddenly passed away?


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