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Neighbours Spoilers – Toadie tempted by Melanie as his commitment wavers

Next week on Neighbours, pictures reveal Toadie and Melanie about to have a kiss, which puts him one step closer to cheating on Terese.

The tension between newlyweds Toadie (Ryan Moloney) and Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) has been building over the past few weeks, but it finally reached a breaking point last week when Toadie discovered Melanie (Lucinda Cowden) still wearing her wedding ring from their previous relationship.

Melanie made it plain that she was still in love with Toadie and that she wanted him back, telling him that she wasn’t willing to waste any more time keeping things unsaid.

Even though Toadie stated unequivocally that Terese was his future partner, Mel’s persistent efforts to win him back—such as dressing in his go-to leopardskin ensemble—have worn him down, and it’s becoming harder to ignore her presence on Ramsay Street.

When Toadie informed Terese about Melanie’s confession, his candour didn’t go over well.

Toadie chose to open up to his ex-wife once more, and Terese berated him for it, not realising the irony that he had only gone to Melanie because Terese had gone to Lassiters to console her own ex-partner, Paul (Stefan Dennis).

This week’s episodes have shown that Melanie is still weighing heavily on Terese’s mind, despite Toadie’s assurances and apologies. This almost put her and Jane’s (Annie Jones) meeting with Erinsborough’s Education Department in jeopardy when they came to inspect work at the combined Erinsborough High / Eirene Rising development.

As we approach the upcoming week, Toadie still feels excluded from Terese. He foolishly decides to approach Melanie once more, complaining that Terese seems to be more concerned about Paul than talking to her about their own problems.

Amazon Freevee / Jackson Finter

Melanie approaches him to console him after finding an opening. The two have a heated exchange, but Toadie leaves before they can breach a boundary. It appears, nevertheless, that Melanie will eventually be able to entice him in.

In the episode airing on Tuesday, March 5th, Toadie and Terese will still not be speaking. When Terese finds out that Josh’s plaque has vanished from the Lassiters entryway while repairs are being made for the recent vandalism, she gets even more distracted.

Toadie discovers how close he is to losing Terese when he later runs into Melanie and the kids, who are still content to spend time with their former stepmother. This unexpected close meeting occurs.

After making the firm decision that Terese is the person he wants to spend the rest of his life with, he understands that he must make amends with her right away or else their relationship would not work out.

But despite his best efforts, things don’t quite go as to plan.

The 100th episode of the next Neighbours renewal, slated for Thursday, March 7, features a determined Toadie who decides to prepare a romantic date night with Terese in an effort to save his marriage.

Unfortunately, Paul intervenes at the same moment to assist Josh in finding his missing plaque because he is aware of its significance to his ex-wife. A clue emerges when Paul realises that the plaque might have inadvertently ended up in the tip when Haz (Shiv Palekar) discovers something in a garbage.

Terese eagerly answers the phone, jumps to her feet, and follows Paul to the tip, where they begin to dig through a detritus-filled wasteland.

When Toadie finds out that she has left to go somewhere with Paul, his resolve breaks. She informs him that she must postpone their planned date night.

He goes to No. 28 to talk to Melanie once more, and this time, she finally asks him why he actually keeps coming to her in these situations.

Ray Messner / Freevee by Amazon

Ray Messner / Freevee by Amazon

Images from the 100th episode depict the couple leaning in close to kiss in the Kennedys’ garden.

Is Toadie really going to cheat on Terese because he is at his breaking point?

Ray Messner / Freevee by Amazon

Ray Messner / Freevee by Amazon

Starting Monday, March 11th, the next week, the Lassiters Longest Lie-In will take place.

Melanie collapses into the bed besides Toadie and Terese, who are sharing a double bed during the sleep-out. Spoiler images reveal that Terese is not at all thrilled as she glares at her romantic rival.

Ray Messner / Freevee by Amazon

Ray Messner / Freevee by Amazon

Producers have hinted that there will be a significant “reveal” at the event, which “leads to major consequences for those involved.”

Ray Messner / Freevee by Amazon

Terese appears in a hotel room belonging to Lassiters in teaser images from later episodes, implying that she may have moved out of her house at No. 22.

The drama involving Terese, Toadie, Melanie, and Paul appears to be set to heat up.


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