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Neighbours’ Melanie Pearson gets caught up in a new lie

Next week, Melanie Pearson of Neighbours goes overboard in letting her loved ones think that she’s moved on with her life.

Melanie is eager to move on from the turbulent events surrounding her divorce from Toadie Rebecchi and begin a new chapter in her life.

In this week’s episode, Melanie used an app to set up a date. When she realised she had fallen for a scam involving false impressions, she was crushed.

Melanie was terrorised by a group of teenage thugs on her walk home after being rejected for her date at The 82 tram event. They later admitted to being the source of the messages she had received on the internet.

Next week, with all the happily married couples on Ramsay Street around her, Melanie feels like the odd one out.

Melanie chooses to go on a date with the fruit supplier for the Drinks Divas van because she is eager to make changes in her life.

After their most recent date doesn’t work out, Melanie feels trapped when some of the neighbours catch them together and tell her how happy they are that she’s moved on.

Melanie starts to dig herself a hole as she fabricates tales about how her love life is progressing since she can’t bring herself to acknowledge that the date was a disaster.

On Ramsay Street, secrets are never kept under wraps for very long. Will Melanie live to regret not telling everyone the truth?

These scenes will be aired on Thursday, January 25 on Neighbours.


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