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Awkward! Sam Frost’s brother Alex joins forces with her ex Jay Bruno on Survivor

Sam Frost, a former star of Home & Away, rose to prominence after appearing on The Bachelor, and now her brother Alex appears to be following in her footsteps by appearing on the forthcoming season of Survivor: Blood V Water.

Only difference is that Alex will be collaborating with Sam’s ex-boyfriend, Jay Bruno.

In case you missed it, Jay and Sam ended their months-long relationship in November of last year, claiming that it “simply didn’t work.”

He confessed earlier this week that he was the one who ended the relationship and that he hasn’t been in touch with Sam because he doesn’t want to give her false hope of a reconciliation.

“It’s really simple,” he told Sydney Confidential, “I just couldn’t see a future with her.”

“It’s never easy to stay friends with someone you dated, and since I broke up with her, I don’t think it’s fair for me to hover about and cause her confusion.”

“I’ve kept a safe distance from you.” It’s definitely difficult because you care about the other person, but people break up for a variety of reasons, and I didn’t want to lead her on, so I moved on.”


Survivor: Blood V Water was shot some months ago, but it will premiere next Monday, January 31st, which could make for some awkward family viewing for the Frosts.

Despite their breakup, Sam and Jay appear to have remained good friends, with Alex revealing that Sam “was jealous of how well we got along” at times.

“We were kind of like best buddies,” he continued, “so we believed it would be easy [to win Survivor] having this telepathic sense.”

Meanwhile, Jay has commented about the relationship, telling the Daily Telegraph, “I needed someone who was close to family, and he was at the time.”

“Being there together added an exciting factor because we didn’t know what would happen,” he said, adding, “It made it a bit more shocking and fun.”

Survivor isn’t Jay’s first experience with reality television. In 2019, the trainer and his former girlfriend, model Leah Johnsen, appeared on season two of Instant Hotel.

Jay is also known for co-hosting the Jay, Foz & Alex radio show with Alex Nation from Bachelor in Paradise.

Meanwhile, Jay has moved on and is now seeing Ellyn McCartney, an influencer and pilates instructor, whom he describes as “possibly the only girl I’ve met who is funnier than me, so well done to her.”

After joining the popular drama as Jasmine Delaney in 2017, the Bachelor alum stated at the end of last year that she will be waving farewell to Home and Away.


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