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Neighbours confirms new chapter for Haz Devkar and Mackenzie Hargreaves

Haz Devkar and Mackenzie Hargreaves will officially tie the knot next week, according to Neighbours.

After months of disagreeing over how to handle their romantic flame, the two finally agree on something.

In the upcoming episodes, Mackenzie will watch helplessly while Haz navigates the issues surrounding his cherished pet dog Trevor.

Trevor was adopted by Haz after being discovered at a rescue facility; however, Alyssa, the dog’s prior owner, has returned and is eager to meet up with Trevor again.

The following week, Haz gradually consents to meet with Alyssa and ultimately decides to make the painful choice of giving Trevor back to her.

Mackenzie dismisses Byron Stone, Haz’s well-meaning roommate, as soon as he insensitively suggests buying a new puppy.

Taking matters into her own hands, Mackenzie devises a scheme to assist Haz and Alyssa in negotiating Trevor’s custody share.

But when Mackenzie runs into Alyssa’s partner, she finds out that Trevor hasn’t been happy since coming home, and maybe a more drastic remedy is required.

Despite the outcome, Haz and Mackenzie decide to try a relationship once the dog drama finally brings them together.

They’re anxious to make the proper choice and attempt to hide it from others for the time being, but Byron interrupts them in a private moment.

Though Byron is encouraging, he thinks it would be wise to let Holly Hoyland, Haz’s ex-girlfriend, know before she hears from anybody else.

Can the 20-something gang manage their new dynamic successfully? It’s going to be a tricky moment for them.

These scenes will be aired on Thursday, January 25 on Neighbours.


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