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Neighbours’ David, Aaron and Nicolette to receive a sinister threat

Next week, David Tanaka, Aaron Brennan, and Nicolette Stone from Neighbours will face a grave threat from the increasingly vicious new villain, Veronica McLain.

Nicolette acts rashly in an attempt to permanently cut Veronica out of her life, but her most recent choice makes things worse.

Veronica holds Nicolette responsible for her breakup with Sasha and his subsequent vanishing. She’s been forcing Nicolette to find Sasha ever since she appeared on our screens earlier this month.

Thus far, Veronica has demonstrated her abilities by briefly kidnapping Isla Tanaka and embarrassing Nicolette by disseminating personal photos of her.

When Sasha agrees to meet Nicolette the following week, she finally starts to see the bright side of things. Nicolette informs Sasha that Veronica has been pursuing her, and she requests that he contact his former partner in order to provide her with the necessary closure.

Sasha rejects this idea since he’s not sure if he wants to see Veronica once more.

Sasha shifts the conversation, pressuring Nicolette to acknowledge that they actually had a relationship. Although Nicolette insists it was only a plan, there’s a feeling she might not be telling the truth.

In the end, Sasha consents to speak with Veronica and make it clear that he did not have a sexual relationship with Nicolette in the hopes that this will persuade her to back down.

Nicolette exhales with relief, but her joy is short-lived as Veronica reappears shortly after.

When Veronica approaches Nicolette, David, and Aaron, she tells them that Sasha sent her an email informing her that he had gone into further hiding after Nicolette had alerted him to his compulsive behaviour.

Veronica angrily promises to hold Nicolette, Aaron, and David accountable, blaming the three of them for this.

Aaron and David schedule some alone time in the pool at the sharing house, their previous residence, in an attempt to distract themselves from the turmoil.

As the couple reminisces about the past, David joyfully shares his desire to grow their family.

The executives of Neighbours recently disclosed that Nicolette, Aaron, David, Leo Tanaka, and Krista Sinclair will all be taking a vacation together later this month, with a tragic outcome expected from the events that transpire over the break.

Is Veronica involved in the great drama that’s coming up?

On Wednesday, January 24, Veronica’s threat is shown on Neighbours.


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