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Inside Neighbours icon’s romance with on-screen twin brother as she makes huge return

Although Ariel Kaplan, an actress from South Africa, is most recognised for her work in Neighbours, viewers might not be aware of her romantic relationship with co-star Harley Bonner.

While he had an on-screen affair with Emma, another co-star, Harley Bonner—the real-world son of Neighbours great Carla Bonner—fell in love in real life with Ariel, his on-screen twin.

The three-year romance between the two actors, who played the on-screen twin siblings Imogen and Josh Willis on the Australian soap opera, has piqued the interest of many viewers of the popular show.

Kaplan revealed her intense love for Bonner to Soap Extra when they were questioned about their relationship before to their breakup. “I love him more every day,” she said. It’s all excellent. She continued by talking about their partnership’s dynamics and emphasised their pronounced personality differences.

In contrast to Harley, who is essentially the most laid-back person on the planet, I am quite structured and organised. Kaplan acknowledged, “I made him a little more on time, and he relaxed me.” She went on to extol the virtues of his presence in her life, saying, “I am truly pleased when I am with him. He is a wonderful person, and I feel better because of him.”

While they were co-starring in the soap opera in 2013, their off-screen romance flourished, and they weren’t afraid to show their love to fans. However, after three years of dating, the pair announced their split in 2016. Ariel Kaplan stressed that their friendship remained strong and that they ended their relationship amicably, stating, “We still talked every day.”

Both have moved on to new relationships since their breakup. As of early 2017, Harley and fashion model Natalia Roser were dating, while Ariel Kaplan was recently linked to Dean Cooper. This week’s “unexpected” cliffhanger in the relaunch premiere of Neighbours left many stunned.

After a plot surprise in which Toadie (Ryan Moloney) and Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) tie the knot, which featured the return of Imogen Willis, Daniel Robinson, Angie Rebecchi, and Callum Rebecchi, viewers took to social media to express their disbelief.

However, considering that the popular character married a totally different woman in the previous season’s conclusion, many were perplexed by the development. Two years have passed since the fake series finale of the Channel 10 soap opera last year, in which Toadie wed Melanie (Lucinda Cowden).

“Whoa! Did not anticipate that. We are literally exclaiming, “WHAT?” here. On Instagram, one individual left a comment. Another stated: “I’m stunned. unsure of what to believe! I feel like my entire day has been thrown off balance!


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