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Neighbours airs Amy Greenwood baby cliffhanger – but is she really pregnant?

Following the announcement that Ned Willis will be departing Erinsborough, Neighbours has aired a major cliffhanger for Amy Greenwood.

Ned informed his ex-partner that he’d decided to leave Ramsay Street for a fresh life in Sydney in Monday’s programme on Channel 5.

Following his chaotic love triangle with Amy and Harlow Robinson, Ned desired a fresh start. Amy, on the other hand, thought the news came at the worst possible time.

Amy’s buddy Toadie Rebecchi tried to cheer her up by preparing her a cocktail at Number 30 near the end of the episode.

When Toadie asked why Amy denied the drink, she said, “I’m exhausted, I’m queasy, I’m really emotional… I’m also running late.

“I believe I’m expecting.”

Neighbours’ official spoilers for this week’s episodes have already disclosed the outcome of this plotline for those who like to know what’s going to happen next.

This is your final chance to stop reading if you don’t want to know what to expect.

Amy will continue to worry about becoming pregnant in Tuesday’s episode, while an oblivious Ned goes around saying farewell to his friends and family.

Amy and Ned had decided to try for a baby while they were still together, but now that they’re no longer together, Amy is afraid of the reality of raising his child.

They share a sorrowful goodbye out on Ramsay Street as Amy’s pregnancy test comes back negative.

Ned then departs for his new life in Sydney, but show executives have guaranteed that he will return for a guest appearance in August, just in time for the Neighbours finale.


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