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13 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week

Approaching Home and Away, a neurotic Leah stabs Justin, putting him in jeopardy.

Mac’s health deteriorates even more, and Felicity attempts to make amends for her previous transgressions in another scene.

Here’s the whole list of the 13 major events that are approaching.

  1. Leah loses control of herself

Leah tells Theo they have to denounce Justin to the authorities since she thinks he works for Vita Nova due to her paranoia.

Rose worries that Leah should visit a doctor, but Leah starts to believe she has also been enlisted in the cult.

Leah is in complete disarray when Justin gets to the station. She can’t face her partner, so she runs to the Diner and locks herself inside.

  1. Leah holds a knife in front of Justin.

After forcing his way inside the Diner, Justin finds himself facing a knife-wielding Leah.


While he and Theo implore her to put down the gun, Justin chooses to call in Bree as Leah’s anxiety increases.

Though in a state of confusion, Leah only has a vague memory of what happened, the doctor manages to talk her out of it and brings her home.

Leah departs from Summer Bay 3.

The next morning, Bree tells Justin and Theo that Leah had a psychotic episode, most likely caused by her trauma and lack of sleep.

Leah realises she needs expert assistance that is unavailable locally and is comforted by Justin.

Later, Leah says a tearful goodbye to her family before leaving for a mental health facility located far from the Bay.

  1. Roo comes to the rescue.

Roo is facing a challenging task as she attempts to oversee John’s former position at the Surf Club.

In the hopes that it may entice him to return to the business, she offers to Alf that they give John his “Summer Bay Surf Club Bible” back.

However, Roo’s efforts are undone when John announces that he is planning to launch his own business, a Surf Safety School for future lifeguards.

  1. John returns to work

Alf is not pleased to hear about the Surf Safety School, so he confronts John and eventually gets him to acknowledge how much he misses the Surf Club.

When Alf later meets with Henderson, he tries to convince him of John’s situation, but his words are ineffective. But the surf committee is more understanding and decides to bring John back right away.

When Henderson learns, he informs the Club that there will be dire repercussions.

  1. Bree reflects on her traumatic past

A voicemail from Bree, who is obviously upset, reaches Remi.

When he finally runs into his girlfriend on the beach, she sobsfully tells him that her violent husband, Jacob, passed away a year ago.

Bree acknowledges that she was married to this man for seven years, and she worries what type of person she become when she didn’t even recognise his birthday.

  1. Mac commits a critical error

Mac informs Levi at the hospital that she’s still not feeling well following her recent heart surgery.

She persuades Xander to look at her chart, and the encouraging results give him hope.

His optimism leads Mac to defy the doctor’s advice and check herself out of the hospital. Could it be that Xander inadvertently compromised his friend’s healing process?

  1. Mac begins to feel guilty about her choice.

Levi is furious with Xander for giving frail Mac the notion that it is far too soon for her to be left in his care.

After Mac finally gets home, she recognises she ought to have followed the advice of the medical professionals.

Mac admits to Tane that she’s far from help if something happens right now as her fear grows.

  1. Levi addresses Eden

Levi asks Remi if he can help settle things with his sister because Eden is still not talking to him.

Cash has to give Eden a few hard home truths since she doesn’t want to know.

Levi later shows up, surprising Eden, but their peace negotiations are ruined when he says it’s up to Eden to take the initiative.

  1. Felicity switches Cash on with Eden.

Cash has seen that there is still a lot of tension between Felicity and Harper.

Following their altercation, Cash tells his sister to apologise to Harper; however, Felicity finds it impolite to be told what to do.

Eden takes it easy on her and lets her air her grievances about Cash pressuring her to see Levi. Remi, however, interrupts them to remind both women of all that Cash has done for them after overhearing their chat.

  1. Felicity and Eden exchange apologies

Felicity starts working to mend the rift between Harper and Mac, her ears ringing from Remi’s remarks.

Both women accept her apology, and Felicity even summons the bravery to ask Tane to return her wedding photo.

As this is going on, Eden makes apologies with Cash, and the two decide to focus on their future together.

  1. Justin rediscovers the reason to grin.

Days after Leah leaves, Justin feels guilty for missing the sharp decline in her mental state.

When Kirby stops by to help him decompress, Justin is moved when she plays the music that she and Theo were planning to surprise him with during the wedding.

Justin recommends to Kirby that they finish the song together, still holding out hope for a good ending for himself and Leah.

  1. A concerning change in Mac’s health

As the week comes to an end, Mac is still having trouble recovering, and spending some time online at night reading depressing articles just makes her anxiety about falling sick again worse.

The following morning, Mac calls for immediate assistance after waking up with chest pains and beating on Tane’s door.

Is she going to have another heart attack?


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