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Secret family, illegal plans and a robbery: 7 huge Home and Away spoilers

On this week’s episode of Home and Away, Jasmine (Sam Frost) tries to connect with her half-brother Xander (Luke Van Os), but as he talks about his life with their father, she understands that she was not only abandoned as a child, but that her father chose to have another family without her. The arrival of Xander and Rose (Kirsty Marillier) in the Bay causes more pain for Jasmine, who wonders why her father had a secret family for so long.

Meanwhile, when an agitated Dimitri (Salvatore Coco) arrives in the Bay and aggressively expresses his desire to reconnect with Theo, Leah (Ada Nicodemou) and Justin (James Stewart) are hesitant (Matt Evans). He virtually pushes the two to take him to his son, and Theo is taken aback when his father appears in the garage. Furthermore, Dimitri will not leave until Theo joins him in the city…

Here’s what you can expect for the week starting Monday, May 9.

Mackenzie is tracked down by a debt collector

Logan is taken aback when he opens the front door and is approached by a debt collector who insists on speaking with Mackenzie. When he questions Mackenzie about it, she dismisses it as an error and says she’ll take care of it. But when Logan overhears mom on the phone looking frantic, he picks up the debt collector’s business card and resolves to take matters into his own hands. He calls them up and pays off the ‘vehicle instalments’ that Mackenzie has fallen behind on… Will Mackenzie, on the other hand, like her boyfriend getting engaged with her finances?

Jasmine learns that her father had a happy family before she was born

Jasmine has grudgingly consented to talk with her long-lost brother Xander, but she quickly regrets her decision when he relates his idyllic life with their father. Jasmine is heartbroken and falls into Cash’s arms, wondering why her father abandoned her at the school gates when she was six, leaving her to grow up in foster care while he went on to enjoy a wonderful family life with Rose and Xander.

Cash learns a shocking fact about newcomer Rose

Marilyn is working at the Diner’s cash register when a cloaked person swoops in and takes the banknotes she is holding before fleeing. Except for newcomer Rose, who chases down the thief and traps him against a neighbouring car door, everyone rallies to Marilyn’s aid. When Cash arrives, he is taken aback by Rose’s involvement. He delivers her a severe safety lecture at the station, but is rendered speechless as a smirking Rose smacks her police badge on the desk…

Mia is betrayed by her entire family and is forced to spend the evening alone

Mia vents her anger on a punching bag at the gym, and when Tane asks what’s wrong, she discloses that she is concerned that Nikau and Chloe are leaning too heavily on their friends for support. She wants to bring the family together, so she prepares a big family meal with Tane’s aid and texts everyone to come over that night. When Tane expresses concern over Felicity’s strange behaviour, Mia tells him he may go be with her girl while she finishes making Ari’s specialty lamb roast. Mia, on the other hand, waits for hours before realising her entire family has abandoned her… Why did the Paratas fail Mia?

During Jasmine’s intervention with Rose, Cash breaks her trust

As it becomes evident that Jasmine’s childhood was quite different from theirs and that their father was harbouring such a massive secret, Xander and Rose are beginning to second-guess their decision to travel to the Bay and get to know her. When Cash overhears Rose informing Xander that they need to leave, he takes it upon himself to draw her aside and say something to his girlfriend. He warns Rose not to abandon Jasmine, like her father did when she was a child in foster care. Rose is taken aback since she assumed Jasmine was reared by her mother. Will Cash get away with sharing Jasmine’s secrets to this newcomer if she agrees to try again with Jasmine?

Dimitri appears in the Bay, demanding that Theo return home

Leah has just recently returned to the Bay, but she receives a distressing call from Justin — Theo’s father, Dimitri, has unexpectedly arrived. They take the day off work to see what Dimitri wants, and they are concerned about his demeanour. His confrontational demeanour belies his claim that he wishes to reunite with Theo. To make matters worse, Dimitri insists on seeing Theo – so he can separate himself from his son and force him to return home…

Chloe sleeps with Theo to put pressure on Bella

When Theo sees Chloe heading home, he offers her a ride. Theo is fleeing from a confrontation with Dimitri, and Chloe has just been tossed out by Bella. Chloe takes their diversion to the next level by inviting him to her room, but once he’s gone, she returns to the Farm House and tells Bella she made a bad mistake during their fight. Bella is miserable, but Chloe writes in her diary the next morning that she has no regrets about sleeping with Theo…


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