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Neighbours airs Beth Brennan mention after Roxy Willis cameo

As part of Ned Willis’ leaving plotline, Neighbours included a reference to legendary character Beth Brennan.

Between 1992 and 1994, Natalie Imbruglia played Ned’s mother Beth. They have never shared a scene together because Ned joined the show in 2016.

After Ned decided to leave Ramsay Street, Beth received a rare mention in Monday’s show on Channel 5.

Ned has been in a love triangle with Amy Greenwood and Harlow Robinson for the previous three weeks, and the two are now at odds.

Ned decided to contact Roxy Willis, who had recently departed Erinsborough, for help.

For the brief sequence in which Roxy talks to Ned via video conference, Zima Anderson repeated her part.

After a fight about some suspicious graffiti on Amy’s Drinks Diva truck, Ned stated that he was concerned about Harlow’s treatment of Amy.


Roxy suggested: “I believe the question is whether you can forgive her and go on. She was visibly distressed. Is it because you don’t want to be with her anymore and instead want to be with Amy if you can’t?”

“I care about them both,” Ned answered, “but it seems like all we’re doing now is bringing each other down.”

Roxy mentioned: “Perhaps you require a change of scenery. Creating a buffer between yourself and your troubles can be really beneficial. It’s sometimes preferable to prioritise yourself.”

This advise seemed to resonate with Ned, as he later met with Amy and announced his departure from Erinsborough.

He stated, ” “I’m relocating to Sydney. I believed I could spend some time with my mother and de-stress. As soon as possible — I figure delaying it will only make things worse.”

Ben Hall, who portrays Ned on Neighbours, is departing the programme as a regular cast member, but will return as a guest in August for the show’s finale.

Natalie Imbruglia, who went on to have a successful music career after leaving Neighbours, has shown interest in returning to the show, but no plans have been made.


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