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Home and Away spoilers: Tane joins Ari in risky underworld deal for Mia

Mia (Anna Samson) recently astonished Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams) by providing the funds they require to purchase the gym from Jasmine (Sam Frost) — she retained the money he took during the armed robbery that landed him in prison. Ari has been tasked with cleaning the money so that it may be used for the company purchase.

When Tane (Ethan Browne) hears of the couple’s intentions, he expresses his displeasure and asks his brother whether he’s considered the repercussions of returning to the military.

underworld. Ari, on the other hand, claims that it is what Mia wants in order to ensure their future, and that he is willing to accept the risk if it would make her happy.

When it’s time for Ari to leave for the meeting location, Mia offers to accompany him, but he declines, claiming that it’s best if he goes alone. Mia realises the enormity of the predicament she’s put her partner in as he prepares to depart…

Tane is already at Mia’s house when she arrives, but he doesn’t do anything to reassure her about Ari’s predicament. Mia is a nervous mess as she waits for Tane, despite the fact that he reminds her of Ari’s street smarts.

Ari sees headlights in the distance as he stands in the empty car park waiting for the underworld dealers, realising that his entire future is on the line. Tane, however, is the one who comes out of the car.

He informs his brother that they’re in it together, and the two wait to see what happens…


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