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Mischa Barton’s Neighbours debut brutally roasted by Australian comedians – as she stars in raunchy storyline

Mischa Barton, star of The O.C., made her debut on the Amazon revival of Neighbours last week, to the dismay of some of Australia’s best comedians.

Although the American actress’s notoriety has diminished since her O.C. heydey, fans were nonetheless taken aback by the 37-year-old former Hollywood “it girl”‘s decision to work on a comparatively low-budget project like Neighbours.

In an attempt to advertise her new job, Mischa appeared on Monday’s episode of the comedy series Have You Been Paying Attention? on Channel 10, but she was mercilessly roasted live on the programme.

Mischa asked the group to name the show that she was now appearing on while assuming the role of guest quizmaster.

In response, comedian Anne Edmonds said, “Bondi Career Rescue,” to which panellists Kitty Flanagan, Sam Pang, and Jason Leong erupted in applause.

Comic Ed Kavalee remarked, “That’s not nice… it’s ‘Where Are They Now?'”

Reece Sinclair, played by Mischa, has already caused quite a stir on Ramsay Street with her wild activities.

Reece is shown in her first appearance trying to get assistance with her suitcases as she checks into Paul Robinson’s Lassiters Hotel.

Paul gave Byron Stone (Xavier Molyneux) the task of helping Reece with her luggage after she was ignored by the receptionist, who was having trouble getting her computer to operate.

When the attractive hotel employee—who doubles as a male escort—sees Reece board the elevator with her, things turn hot and both of them start kissing.

Mischa started her acting career as a child, appearing in 1999 Hollywood productions such Notting Hill and The Sixth Sense.

But when she was chosen to play disturbed adolescent Marissa in the popular television series The O.C., which aired from 2003 to 2007, she truly rose to fame.


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