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10 huge Neighbours spoilers for next week (May 23 to 27)

The race to find Harlow begins next week on Neighbours, but she may not be The Order’s only victim.

Terese, on the other hand, is taken aback when her estranged mother comes in Erinsborough.

Here are ten Neighbours spoilers for the coming week.

1. Good news for Hendrix and Mackenzie

Hendrix and Mackenzie are getting married, and while Hendrix’s parents are overjoyed, there is some drama from Alana that needs to be worked out before they return to Erinsborough.

When they get home, they promptly tell their good news, and everyone is ecstatic with their decision, quickly throwing a party for them. But, with Hendrix’s future uncertain, are the two planning to marry sooner rather than later?

2. Freya rushes to assist Harlow

Harlow has been drugged and is being held in a secret location, and Corey’s plan to tear her down to the point where she joins The Order appears to be working perfectly.

While Corey continues to work on Harlow, he is unaware that Freya has tracked him down and discovered their exact location.

Freya goes to the cabin, knowing how much danger Harlow is in, and quickly meets the real Corey – and finds herself in just as much jeopardy as a result.

3. Nicolette makes a choice about Kiri

Nicolette takes a hit when she witnesses how well Chloe and Kiri get along, and she realises it’s time to move on. But she soon regrets not telling Jane because when she does, Jane is eager to assist her in the dating world, confident that she can assist her daughter in finding her perfect partner.

When Chloe tells Kiri that they need to take a step back and simply be friends, she leaves her disappointed. Will both Chloe and Nicolette come to regret their choices?

4. Harlow discovers something awful

With Freya safely behind bars and Christabel on the scene to keep an eye on her, Corey loads Harlow into the car and drives away, intending to get her far enough away that no one would ever find her.

While Corey is away for a few minutes, Harlow detects something is wrong with her water and subsequently discovers the pills. Freya breaks away from Corey’s grasp as she tries to flee – and David and Levi are on their way to assist her. Will Corey, however, be brought to justice?

5. Harlow’s search comes to a devastating conclusion

Freya, Levi, and David are desperate to find Harlow, and the scene they uncover demonstrates how dangerous Corey is.

Andrew drags Christabel into the station to be questioned, but she insists that she has no idea where Corey has gone or how to track him down now that he is on the run.

Meanwhile, Harlow is still suffering from her ordeal, and Paul is on a mission to find Corey and exact vengeance. Will the nefarious Corey turn up again?

6. Levi and Freya rekindle their romance

After all the turmoil she’s caused, Levi can’t blame himself for not wanting to be engaged with Freya, but her bravery and drive to find Harlow changes his mind.

Freya is eager for them to reconnect, and the two quickly find themselves spending more time together, which could lead to anything more. Is Levi and Freya doomed to fail after everything they’ve already been through?

7. Glen has a work-related accident

When an incident at the vineyard puts Glen in the hospital, he is reminded of his injury from 30 years ago.

Glen pushes himself too far, determined to do things without support and even more determined not to ask Kiri for help, and a barrel falls on him.

Clive insists on taking pain medication at the hospital, but Glen is too afraid of becoming addicted to accept it. Is Glen about to embark on a long and winding road?

8. Terese experiences a flashback

As if Terese’s life wasn’t already wild enough, her mother, Estelle, shows up, and it quickly becomes evident that the two have a lot of bad blood between them.

Estelle is enthusiastic about wanting to reconnect with her daughter, but Terese is sceptical, citing all of the prior tough times when her mother has been missing – and there is a long list.

Paul is another individual who notices Estelle’s entrance, but why is he so interested in the coming of his ex-wife?

9. At Lassiters, Chloe takes on Paul

It’s remarkable that Chloe has kept her cool with Paul this long, but he presses her buttons one too many times next week, and she summons him for a meeting — with HR present.

Paul is visibly annoyed as he listens to all of Chloe’s complaints, but he understands that she has him cornered and that he must make concessions. As a result, he agrees that she can recruit an assistant to help her with the day-to-day Activities and Chloe is ecstatic to have defeated Paul Robinson for the first time.

10. Hendrix receives vital information

Hendrix and Mackenzie host a party in honour of their engagement, which is the talk of Ramsay Street, and they relish being able to share the news with their loved ones.

Hendrix’s delight is mingled with his anxiety over his unknown future, but while at the party, he receives a phone call that could be the game-changing news he has been waiting for. Is happiness in the cards for the couple, or are they due for more heartbreak?


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