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Neighbours Spoilers – Susan torn as Erinsborough High protest begins

Susan eventually takes a stand in the Erinsborough High school closing controversy next week on Neighbours, when a rally to keep the school open gets violent.

The past several weeks have been turbulent for everyone involved with Erinsborough High School. The Department of Education issued a call as the number of students in the region decreased: one of the three local schools will close.

Following her discovery of the information, the current principal Jane Harris (Annie Jones) launched a scheme to lure parents away from rival school Anson’s Corner High in an attempt to boost enrolment.

Jane battled bravely, but in vain, with Wendy Rodwell’s (Candice Leask) assistance.

Not only could she not figure out the figures, but there was also, at least in Jane’s imagination, a vulture circling, waiting to strike.

It was Terese Willis (Rebekah Elmaloglou), the vulture in question. Following the council’s decision to revoke her retirement community construction on Power Road, Terese recognised an opening at the school site.

Terese asserted her claim to the land by using her connections inside the Department of Education, which subsequently consented to put the Erinsborough High site up for bids from developers. Terese triumphed and was awarded the contract.

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Jane’s worst worry, that Erinsborough High would close at the end of 2024, was regrettably confirmed by this.

Jane was not only heartbroken over the school, but she also thought that by discovering Terese’s deceit in the matter, she had lost a friend.

She went to her former principal Susan (Jackie Woodburne) for assistance, but even she was entangled in the web because Terese had offered Karl (Alan Fletcher) a job at the new development!

Tensions between Jane and Terese have been high ever since. Despite their desire to remain friends, Jane is unable to accept Terese’s actions.

Things seem like they might get better this week!

Jane started a Save Erinsborough High Facebook group and has been inundated with support from former students and teachers. Many people have reached out throughout the history of the show, from short-lived student Sunny Lee (Hany Lee) to former principal Dorothy Burke (Maggie Dence), expressing their desire to keep the school open.

One such student, encouraged by Jane’s daughter Nicolette (Hannah Monson), resolves to return to Erinsborough physically on Thursday.

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Only a week after moving back to Erinsborough, Nicolette has observed her mother’s displeasure about the closing of the school. Jane is carrying a lot of weight because she was given the duty of closing the school.

Nicolette joins forces with Wendy, Jane’s accomplice, to plan a protest as their farewell gesture!

After talking to Jane and Terese, Susan discovers in this Thursday’s episode that they are both optimistic about moving past the disastrous school shutdown situation.

She hopes the three will get along again now that they have this new knowledge.

But it appears that Wendy and Nicolette’s interference might be reason for alarm.

While visiting Harold’s, Susan runs into Summer Hoyland (Jordy Lucas), a former pupil and the stepdaughter of her close friend Steph (Carla Bonner), a journalist.

Amazon Freevee / Jackson Finter

Amazon Freevee / Jackson Finter

Susan finds out during the questioning that Summer is in town because of a demonstration that is planned to save her school.

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Susan confronts Wendy and Nicolette and demands explanations; however, they implore Susan to keep their information private so that their major show can proceed and possibly save the school.

Susan didn’t need this weight because, because of Karl, she’s already been caught in the middle once. Which side is she going to be now?

In the episode that premieres on Monday, December 4th, Susan fears that the demonstration may crush any chance that Jane and Terese can ever put their differences aside.

When she receives a message from Karl informing her that he would take Terese’s employment offer at the retirement experience, she becomes even more conflicted.

As Jane listens to the live radio broadcast as Summer reveals the plan for the school protest, it won’t be long before she finds out about the plans nonetheless.

Ray Messner / Freevee by Amazon

Ray Messner / Freevee by Amazon

Ray Messner / Freevee by Amazon

Susan is deeply touched by what is mentioned when Summer speaks with past pupils, such as Michelle Scully (Katie Keltie) and Brett Stark (Brett Blewitt). For her, as well as for many others, the institution has been extremely influential.

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Susan declares that the school should be saved, firmly taking a stand.

In an attempt to prevent Erinsborough High from closing, current and former students and staff swarm the school as the protest gets underway.

Among them are the Erinsborough locals, such as Melanie (Lucinda Cowden), who have shown their support.

Nicolette orchestrated the demonstration in order to bolster her candidature as the school principal, as Jane eventually finds out. She is moved, and instead of dismissing it, she jumps right in.

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When Toadie and Terese show up to put an end to the demonstration, it’s too late because demonstrators have already broken through the gates and entered the school, sparking a riot.

Nicolette is left wondering if she did more harm than good for Jane and the school when the cops show up.

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Despite their best efforts, Terese’s security personnel are unable to regain control.

Melanie gets into a fight with one of the guards, but nobody sees her because of the chaos.

Will she become an unintentional victim of the hectic day?


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