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Lynne McGranger speaks out on Sam Frost’s vaccine controversy

Lynne McGranger, a Home and Away veteran, has spoken out about co-star Sam Frost’s vaccination scandal and the resulting reaction against the former reality star.

Lynne explained how her colleagues actors and crew reacted to the backlash against Sam in an interview with NOVA’s Fitzy & Wippa on Thursday.

“Listen, everyone is rooting for Sam. We may all have different viewpoints, but one thing the actors and crew have in common is that we are all supportive,” Lynne told the radio hosts.

“The good news is that she’s made a decision and will follow through on it, and she may take a few weeks off towards the end of the year or the beginning of next.”

Sam had confided in Lynne during the issue, and the young superstar was now doing “fantastic,” according to Lynne.

“I believe she has found a solution and understands that everyone is behind her, and we don’t want to lose her because we love her,” Lynne said.

“I believe she’s a fantastic little performer and a nice person.”


In case you missed the drama, Sam, 32, shared an emotional video on her social media page in which she stated that she had decided not to undergo the COVID-19 vaccine.

Sam stated she had “valid reasons” not to receive the vaccination but wanted to keep them private in the now-deleted video, then asked for “empathy” for others who choose to stay unvaccinated.

In the five-minute video, she says, “I was extremely nervous about filming a video or even speaking up about this type of behaviour.”

“However, I feel that the world is reaching a stage where there is a lot of division and harsh judgement, and it’s taking a toll on my mental health.”

Following the video, Seven issued a statement stating that all employees will be compelled to have the vaccine, causing Sam to reevaluate her position.

Sam took to Instagram to explain that her Jasmine Delaney character from Home and Away will be “written out” for a while so she could be vaccinated.

“I’ll be written out for a few weeks while Jazzy goes on an off-screen trip.” “However, I will return,” she wrote.

“My managers are fantastic; we’ve been communicating openly for months,” she continued.

“I’m thankful we were able to come up with a solution that works for everyone.”


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