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Home and Away newcomer Dana makes a big mistake in criminal story

Dana Matheson, the newcomer to Home and Away, is poised to commit a grave error in her ongoing criminal plot.

It has taken some time for some people to trust Dana and her sister Harper since they moved to Summer Bay.

Drugs were discovered in Dana’s flat, leading to the revelation that she was fugitive from the authorities. Harper claimed her sister had been set up by her boyfriend, Ollie.

In the scenes from next week, Harper will still be keeping her runaway sister at Irene’s, and the two of them will be looking forth to Cash’s comment on the matter.

Eden becomes the most recent individual to become engaged in the situation when she decides to investigate after growing suspicious of Cash’s actions around her.

Later, Harper overhears Dana talking to Ollie on the phone. However, as Cash gets back, she is forced to hide once more, and the officer informs her that the investigation into the crime would take some time.

Dana tries to text Ollie again when Cash departs, but she can’t since Harper left her phone unattended.

Dana feels that Harper never gave Ollie a chance, therefore she gets into a furious confrontation with Harper when she berates her sister for attempting to get in touch with the person who deceived her.

In an attempt to stay anonymous, Harper begs Dana to return, but she risks everything by storming out of the house and driving off. Tensions are at an all-time high.

After that, Cash gives a case update, noting that their version of events isn’t entirely consistent and that there are several gaps in the account.

Will it be sufficient to establish Dana’s innocence? And can she keep a low profile while the probe is underway?..


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