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Neighbours confirms exit for Harlow Robinson ahead of show finale

Harlow Robinson’s departure from Neighbours has been revealed before of the show’s summer finale.

Harlow has been a regular on the show since 2019, however actress Jemma Donovan revealed she had departed Melbourne in an Instagram post, leading to speculation that she had left the show.

The actress shared a collage of clips from her time in the city, writing: “Melbourne, you have my heart. It’s been incredible. Until we meet again.”

Jemma had concluded filming on the serial, a Neighbours spokesperson confirmed to Digital Spy, and with production set to end in full on June 10, this means Harlow will be leaving before the finale.

On her Instagram, Jemma received a lot of love from her co-stars, including Takaya Honda (David Tanaka), Georgie Stone (Mackenzie Hargreaves), and Lucinda Cowden (Mackenzie Hargreaves) (Melanie Pearson).

Zima Anderson (Roxy Willis) wrote, “Ahhhh I sobbing.”

“Love you Jem,” Ben Turland (Hendrix Greyson) stated, and Richie Morris (Levi Canning) added, “WAIT WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN?!?!?”

Corey Smythe-Jones is currently attempting to influence Harlow and pull her into the Restoration Order cult – yet things are about to come to a head in scenes showing in the UK next week.

In the ensuing scenes, he will continue to whisk Harlow away, spiking her drinks with drugs and controlling her behaviour.

After discovering Harlow’s cardigan, Freya Wozniak begins investigating, but is attacked by Corey when she discovers the secret cottage where he is holding Harlow.

Thankfully, Freya is able to flee, and Harlow is able to escape with the help of her, David, and Levi. Corey, on the other hand, escapes, leaving Harlow determined to seek justice.

While Jemma may be departing the drama, her real-life father Jason Donovan will reprise his role as Scott Robinson opposite Kylie Minogue as Charlene for the last season of Neighbours.


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