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11 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week

Nikau will experience a terrifying situation during his second shift as a surf lifesaving on Home and Away next week.

In other news, Chloe’s future in the Bay is called into doubt, and Dean is irritated by Ziggy’s surfing gesture.

Here’s a complete list of the 11 major events coming up.

1. Justin tries to divert Theo’s attention

By diverting Theo with a new pastime, Justin tries to persuade him to stop making prank films. He takes Theo surfing for the first time.

Despite Justin’s best attempts, Theo later meets up with Ryder to discuss their internet video channel’s future moves. Mac pushes them to widen their reach by creating content that is appealing to women.

2. Martha is a source of concern for Alf and Roo

The Stewarts are still waiting to hear whether Martha’s transplant will be successful. Kieran gets notified that he isn’t a match while he is still out of town. The results of Roo’s tests are still pending.

Martha begins to discuss about funeral plans as she begins to lose hope. Alf and Roo are concerned about Martha’s mental state, particularly when she requests to consult a priest.

3. Roo gets some exciting news

When Roo finally gets the call saying she’s a match for Martha and the transplant can go ahead, she’s ecstatic. She quickly hopes for the best, certain that Martha would make it through this ordeal.

When Roo tells Martha the news, she isn’t as ecstatic as she had hoped. Martha confides in Alf that she isn’t sure she can bring herself to take an organ from her own child since she is concerned about the consequences for Roo.

4. Roo is confronted with some difficult questions

As part of the transplant process, Roo meets with a psychologist. She needs to answer some tough questions, some of which revolve around her tumultuous relationship with Martha and how it may be influencing her current decisions.

After the session, Roo is left with plenty of food for thought, but Marilyn tells her that she can’t take her time making decisions because her mother is dying. Marilyn’s harsh comments have distressed Roo.

5. Logan is informed of his fate

It’s Logan’s tribunal day, after Marilyn filed a complaint against him. When Marilyn wishes Logan good luck, it’s a hint that she’s softening her stance, even if she’s not ready to abandon the complaint entirely.

Logan gets the wonderful news later in the week that his name has been cleared by the hospital board. During the festivities, Mac asks Logan to move in with her, to which he reacts by passionately kissing her.

6. Marilyn is on her way out of town

Marilyn decides that it’s better for her to leave the Bay for a bit after upsetting Roo with her behaviour.

Before she leaves, Marilyn says an emotional goodbye to Alf, emphasising that she needs some time apart before she loses everyone she cares about.

7. Dean is irritated by Ziggy’s gesture

When Ziggy learns that Dean has sold his favourite surfboard to Justin, who has given it to Theo as a gift, she is taken aback. She doesn’t want Dean to give up hope that he’ll be able to surf again someday.

Ziggy wagers the board by challenging Theo to a tyre-changing competition at the garage. When Ziggy succeeds easily, she informs Dean that his board has been returned to them. Dean is enraged because he believes Ziggy is disobeying his wishes.

8. Nikau is dissatisfied with John

Due to a staffing shortfall, Nikau is patrolling alone on his second shift as a surf lifesaving. When a jogger collapses in front of him and Bella, he is shocked.

As soon as Nikau gets on the scene, he draws on his training and does CPR, which John witnesses. Instead of intervening, John takes a step back and allows Nikau take over.

Nikau saves the man’s life, but he is dismayed to discover that John was around the entire time and did nothing to assist him. Nikau resigns as a lifesaver after being let down.

9. John is attempting to defeat Nikau

John excuses himself by claiming that Nikau was in command of the situation and didn’t require his intervention. Nikau disagrees, and he’s also troubled by the prospect of someone dying on his watch.

Nikau finally relents after constant coaxing from Bella and agrees to call John back.

10. Felicity’s life takes a turn for the worst

Felicity tries to keep herself occupied while Cash is away at his father’s burial service. Tane and Jasmine are concerned about Felicity’s behaviour because she appears to be ready to party.

When Jasmine discovers Felicity drinking in a car park with some strangers, she decides it’s time to intervene. Felicity reacts angrily to this, telling Jasmine to “butt out” because she’s the female who’s now sleeping with Cash.

11. Ari and Mia are concerned that Chloe may depart

Matthew tries to sway Chloe’s decision by urging her to enrol in a top business school and move to the city to live with him. Ari and Mia are concerned by the news, as they believe Chloe has drifted away from them since Matthew arrived in town.

Mia tries to tell Matthew that unless he leaves them alone, she will reveal the truth about Chloe’s conception. Mia realises that her time to stop the move is running out when Chloe is admitted into the school.


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