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9 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week (May 23 to 27)

Rose and Xander, Jasmine’s long-lost siblings, make major life decisions next week on Home and Away.

Mac’s illicit gambling nights at Salt go on, and Justin is the target of a brutal attack.

Here’s the complete list of nine major events coming up.

1. Chloe is against Mia’s plans

Mia’s news that she’ll be leaving Summer Bay with Chloe has Tane worried. He worries that Mia won’t be able to function without a support system, especially since she already appears to be struggling.

When Chloe discovers what’s going on, she informs Mia that she will not accompany her.

2. Mia takes an unselfish choice

Mia and Chloe argue about their competing visions for their future. Mia realises she can’t live in the Bay since she has too many memories of Ari. Chloe, on the other hand, takes comfort in seeing so many reminders of Ari.

Mia realises that she can’t leave without Chloe, even though it appears that the situation may never be settled. She swears she’ll find a way to cope so she can stay.

3. Rose has a conflict with Jasmine

While spending time together, Rose and Jasmine are having trouble finding common ground. Xander, on the other hand, is bonding with his long-lost sibling much more easily. He even asks for more time off work so he may spend more time with Jasmine.

Rose feels left out and decides to reconsider her decision to stay in Summer Bay. As Rose walks away, Jasmine worries that she has unintentionally created a schism between her and Xander.

4. Rose pledges her allegiance to the Bay

Rose reappears in the Bay after a few days away, but Cash suspects that her return is motivated by a desire to protect Xander more than a desire to bond with Jasmine.

Rose follows Xander’s lead and applies for a transfer to the Yabbie Creek police station after learning that he will be applying for a paramedic job at the Northern Districts Hospital to be closer to Jasmine.

5. Mac requests Ziggy’s assistance

Felicity declines to assist Mac at Salt’s newest illicit poker tournament. Mac begs Ziggy for assistance since he needs someone else on board.

Mac informs Dean that Ziggy will be helping out at Salt during a hen celebration. When Dean enters Salt and sees Ziggy being propositioned by one of the poker players, he realises the truth.

Ziggy says that she didn’t realise it was a poker night until she came, but Dean makes Mac vow that she will never drag his girlfriend into another one of these situations.

Dean is also concerned about Mac’s safety, knowing that illegal gaming attracts unscrupulous individuals. Mac wants Dean to leave her alone – and to keep Logan in the dark about everything.

6. Dean gives Ryder the task of spying

Dean seeks assistance from Ryder as he continues to be concerned about Mac. Dean invites Ryder to be his spy at the poker events, which alarms him.

Ryder initially refuses, fearful of betraying Mac’s trust. Dean becomes menacing by asking Ryder if he’d rather see him or Mac furious. Ryder is forced to accept since he feels trapped.

7. Dimitri reappears

Dimitri returns to the Bay and goes in search of Theo, accusing him of lying in order to turn everyone against him. The fight appears to be getting out of hand until Ryder comes and sends Dimitri away.

Theo opens up to Ryder about his childhood trauma at the hands of Dimitri. Dimitri is encouraged by Ryder to go to the police station.

8. Justin is viciously assaulted

Later, Dimitri visits Justin in the garage, where he is encouraged to accept responsibility for his aggressive behaviour.

Dimitri retaliates by hitting Justin and then abandoning him on the garage floor, unconscious.

9. Martha makes a significant choice

Martha reappears and says she has chosen to proceed with the kidney transplant after all.

Roo is relieved that Martha has agreed to accept her offer of a kidney donation. She expresses gratitude to Alf for persuading her mother to alter her mind, but Alf points her that Martha made the final decision.


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