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Neighbours spoilers: Montana Marcel’s major secret revealed – as Karl Kennedy loses everything after investing in her make-up range?

In Neighbours, Karl Kennedy (Alan Fletcher) may come to regret investing in Montana Marcel’s (Tammin Sursok) firm, as it’s become evident that she’s hiding a significant secret.

Montana arrived in Erinsborough a few weeks ago and wasted little time in making an impression on nearly everyone she encountered.

Karl, like the rest of the world, was taken away by the renowned fashion designer, and his attention was sparked when he learned that she was looking for investors for her new make-up craze, GlaMM.

Susan (Jackie Woodburne) cautioned him, though, to keep his money in his wallet and concentrate on the tram they’d just purchased from Kyle Canning (Chris Milligan).

Karl agreed to do what he was told, but fearful of missing out on the chance to make a fortune, he spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in GlaMM behind Susan’s back, telling Montana that he actually believes in her.

He has no idea, however, that he has just committed a huge error.

You see, Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) has been studying Montana with the help of PI John Wong.


After seeing Jon’s report, Paul said he’s pleased he didn’t buy her make-up line.

Montana’s main secret was kept under wraps, but it’s evident she’s experiencing money problems, as Paul confronts her about it in the promo for Thursday’s (April 14) episode of the Channel 5 soap.

‘Montana, you’re drowning!’ he yells, before adding that she’s ‘trying to drag everyone else down with her.’

Will Karl’s money be wiped out as a result of his risky investment? Will he learn that he is not, as he believes, on his way to becoming a millionaire?

Also, how will Susan react when she finds out what he’s done? We certainly wouldn’t want to be in Karl’s shoes right now!


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