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Home and Away’s Luke Van Os’ long-term romance with girlfriend and family life with the Hewsworths


When he started out in 2022 to find his long-lost sister Jasmine, Xander Delaney emerged out of nowhere in Summer Bay. He later made his home there as a parademic.

When Luke Van Os abruptly showed up in Summer Bay, suspicions were quickly aroused.

The actor debuted on Home and Away in 2022 as Jasmine’s long-lost brother, Xander Delaney.

However, he has deep ties to the soap opera in real life because a prominent family member appeared on the programme before him.

How old is Luke and where is he from?
According to the information available, Luke was born on November 5, 1997, making him 25 years old. He is an Australian who was born in Melbourne.

He travelled across the nation in a Toyota Hilux with his parents before he turned two.

He is related to the illustrious Hemsworth brothers. Leonie Hemsworth, the mother of Chris, Liam, and Luke, is Robert’s sister.

After Chris played the character Kim Hyde in Home and Away from 2004 to 2007, being a soap opera star ran in the family.

Luke talked about how his cousins and Chris supported him throughout his Home and Away audition.

“When I was asked for a callback for the chemistry test, I actually zoomed with Chris the night before, and we ran [the scene] and just kind of got into a good head space,” he told The Daily Telegrap.

“His advice was to be kind, put in the work, and the work doesn’t end now – if anything, this is the time to work hard,” one person recalled.

How else has Luke acted in?

Luke’s first recognised role was as Bullet Catcher in the 2016 movie Dancer.

In the ensuing year, 2017, he appeared in two episodes of the television series Glitch as Boy #2.

The actor played Cal in the 2019 film Dirt Blood, and in 2020, he made an appearance in Bloom with the character Built Guy.

Luke Van Os and Tonia Miragliotta, his girlfriend
Who does Luke play in Home and Away?

Jasmine, Rose, and Xander Delaney are siblings in Luke’s portrayal of Xander Delaney. He is employed by Summer Bay as a paramedic.

When his father’s will was read, he initially made an appearance on the soap opera looking for Jasmine, who he later discovered was his sister.

Due to his tight bond with his father, who had abandoned Jasmine as a child, their relationship was initially tumultuous.

Who is Luke’s girlfriend?

Luke and his partner Tonia Miragliotta have been together for a while. She is a Melbourne-based tattoo artist who excels in realistic and stipple designs.

The couple routinely posts images of their exciting dates at places like Melbourne Zoo on one other’s social media sites.

Tonia first emerged on Luke’s social media accounts in 2018, and the two later adopted a cute puppy named Levi.


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