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12 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week

On next week’s episode of Home and Away, lives are still in danger as a result of the chemical assault at Salt.

In other news, Theo faces another setback in his quest to win over Justin, while Ryder explores extreme methods to alleviate his financial woes.

Here’s a complete list of the 12 major events coming up.

1. Marilyn has been brought to the hospital

Marilyn is helpless and unable to raise the alarm after collapsing while walking home, since her phone is just out of reach. Mackenzie spots her and phones an ambulance the next morning, but she isn’t found until the next morning.

Logan is shocked by the unexpected change of events, realizing that Marilyn must have had a delayed reaction to the chemical attack. When Marilyn’s organs fail and she needs to be put into an induced coma, things only become worse.

2. Logan has a hard time getting answers

Marilyn’s family is desperate for an explanation from Logan, but he is unable to deliver one right now. He does make it apparent, though, that Marilyn’s condition is grave and that she may not live.

Logan later communicates his dissatisfaction with his inability to solve the mystery swiftly to Mackenzie. He does, however, share some good news on a personal level, announcing that he has accepted a new job as the chief of the emergency department at the hospital.

3. Cash makes a risky decision

Cash has a damaging receipt that Jasmine discovered in Felicity’s caravan. It appears that Felicity purchased the same chemicals that were used in the gym attack on Tane, but she insists that it was all a set-up to incriminate her.

Jasmine tries to help Felicity by encouraging her to think of someone who would want to frame her for a crime she didn’t commit, but she can’t come up with anyone.

Cash performs some checks on the receipt, but they are insufficient to prove Felicity’s innocence. Rather than handing the crucial clue over to his bosses, he decides to protect his sister by burning the evidence.

4. Nikau causes a distraction at the surf school

After agreeing to assist Dean with a sudden flood of bookings, Ziggy leads her first surf class. Nikau has been writing about the lessons on his social media website, which still has a sizable following despite his short-lived modelling career.

Two girls show up for Ziggy’s session, only to be upset when they find that she will be teaching instead of Nikau. Dean urges Nikau to attend the class, but this just serves to divert his two admirers’ attention away from Ziggy’s lessons.

5. Ziggy’s own boyfriend fires her

Ziggy has had enough of the two girls rejecting her advice, so she sends them out into the water to wake them up. When one of the girls is hit by a board and has to be carried back to safety by Nikau, the situation becomes disastrous.

Ziggy begs Nikau not to tell Dean about what occurred, but word reaches him immediately. He comes to the conclusion that he has no choice but to dismiss Ziggy. Ziggy is relieved, much to his surprise, because she had been regretting taking on the extra responsibilities.

6. Martha’s family receives distressing news

As Martha regains consciousness, the Stewart family is relieved. Logan confirms that her lungs are functioning well, but that her kidneys are deteriorating. This implies Martha will have to be transferred to a city-based renal unit for dialysis.

Alf wants to be with Martha, but she advises him to stay in Summer Bay for the time being because Marilyn’s life is still under jeopardy.

7. Tane’s stalker strikes once more

Tane’s toxin exposure levels are eventually reduced, and his family is finally permitted into his hospital room, as the risk of contamination has passed.

Later, as Nikau and Bella leave the hospital, he is startled to discover a delivery of red roses and a ‘get well’ card for Tane. Tane’s stalker is clearly pulling a horrible prank here.

Nikau is convinced that Felicity is to blame and uploads a slanderous remark about her on his social media website. Nikau is confronted by Bella for trolling Felicity, but he stands firm and refuses to remove the post.

8. Tane protects Felicity

Tane regains consciousness after Logan administers a dangerous experimental medication. Ari somberly informs Tane that he was the intended victim of the attack, while Mia says that everyone believes Felicity is to blame.

Despite their recent disagreements, Tane defends Felicity, claiming that she is incapable of attempted murder. He doesn’t have an alternative explanation, although he does recall seeing a woman at the time of the attack.

9. Felicity is the object of a smear campaign

Because of Nikau’s social media post, Felicity wakes up to see the words “poison Felicity” sprayed across her caravan. Alf is furious about the vandalism and the potential for Felicity to cause trouble in the park, but she promises to clean it up right away.

When Jasmine discovers what Nikau has done, she persuades Felicity to report the graffiti to the authorities.

10. Felicity’s alibi is blown

Felicity observes her friend Anne emerge from the interview room when she arrives at the police station. Anne has now repudiated her fake alibi for the night of the attack that she offered Felicity. This means Felicity will have to go through another police interview and admit to lying.

After catching up with Anne, Felicity learns that she has cold feet because Federal Police are now in control of the inquiry. Felicity accepts her explanation, but she is aware that her future is now uncertain.

11. Theo irritates Justin inadvertently

When Leah confesses that Justin has been trying to cover up some of his previous poor behaviour, Theo is taken aback. He begins to see Justin in a new light, and the two come to an uneasy peace.

Unfortunately, when Theo tries to show himself by clearing out the extra room, things go awry once more. He is about to toss some of Mason’s belongings out, which enrages Justin.

When Leah explains that Mason is Justin’s late brother and that he was trying to get rid of emotional stuff, Theo feels terrible. Justin begins to open up about how fantastic his brother was, and Theo tries his hardest to apologies.

12. Ryder commits a costly blunder

Ryder confides in Leah about how tough it is to have a business relationship with Chloe now that they are no longer together. Things worsen when he tries to pay a supplier by bank transfer and sends far too much money.

Ryder does his hardest to explain himself to Chloe, who is outraged that the supplier has refused to return the money. Mischievous Theo, eager to impress Chloe, proposes a get-rich-quick idea to assist them address their financial problems.


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