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Neighbours spoilers: David and Freya charged over Gareth’s death

It’s crunch time for David (Takaya Honda) and Freya (Phoebe Roberts) in Neighbours, as they have yet to uncover their blackmailer. It’s time to pay up, in other words.

Their futures are in the hands of an unknown person, which neither of them finds particularly comforting. Uncertainty has infiltrated their minds like a disease, and the result will be drastic action from this pair.

Before that happens, the two of them do everything they can to stay alive. Freya believes she has no choice but to beg her estranged brother Zane for money. He isn’t forthcoming; why should he aid her when they haven’t spoken in such a long time? But, in the end, the tug on his emotions is too much for him, and he reaches into his pocket for the sake of his family. He gives them the money they need, but it won’t fix their problems the way they expect.

David loses it and lashes out, enraged by the circumstances. For some reason, he thinks that stealing Dean’s automobile will show his blackmailer who’s in charge. When he meets Dean to demand that he stop playing mind games, he is met with a blank face — Dean refuses to accept that he knows what David is talking about and is, quite frankly, offended.

David is frustrated; he’s exhausted all options for saving his neck. He’s at a loss on what to do next. He and Freya come to a stunning decision together: they’re going to turn themselves in.

They go to the cop shop and drop their confession, which leads to both of them being detained. They are interrogated extensively, and it is sod’s law that they learn the identify of their blackmailer shortly after all of this occurs. It’s a little late.

It’s now a fight for their lives. They consult with lawyers and devise a strategy for defending themselves: they intend to blame traumatic stress for Gareth’s death. Is it possible that they’ll get away with it?


Scenes will begin airing on Channel 5 on Monday, April 18th.


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