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Home and Away’s Irene Roberts faces court in tense scenes

Irene Roberts, star of Home and Away, will endure a terrible ordeal in court this week as she awaits her destiny following her arrest for harbouring a wanted person.

Irene and Harper Matheson were arrested in scenes that aired in Australia in September after it was discovered that they had been sheltering Harper’s sister, Dana, from the law.

Irene’s activities have put her in serious legal trouble, despite her strong belief that she was doing morally when she assisted innocent Dana, who was set up for drug offences by her ex-boyfriend Ollie and dishonest police officer Madden.

Irene shows up at court for her hearing in new scenes that will premiere in Australia this week, according to TV Week.

Irene, trembling with terror, is briefed by her attorney Greta on the judge and the opposing bench. Greta informs Irene that they would have a difficult battle because he is a stickler for the rules.

Having made every effort to put the incident and her friends behind her, Irene is going to have a difficult period ahead of her.

Regarding Irene’s mental state, actress Lynne McGranger remarked, “Irene was hesitant, because she was trying to convince herself it wasn’t going to come to anything.” “The thought of going back to jail would be too much to bear.”


As the hearing begins, she continued, stating that Irene is feeling “dreadful” and believes Rose [Delaney] has promised her she may spend seven years in prison. She ended up getting back on booze after her most recent stint in jail.”

Dana, Harper, and John Palmer are all present in court to support an emotional Irene, and the mood is tense as the hearings get underway.

When the judge appears uncaring towards Irene and the prosecutor requests the maximum punishment of seven years, things begin to fall apart for her.

Greta says, “Irene would like to make a statement,” thinking swiftly. Irene takes a stand and speaks from the heart, stating her reasons for helping to hide Dana and restating her faith in goodness.

Despite how poignant Irene’s message is, not everyone agrees. Will this moment strengthen or weaken her case before the disapproving judge?

Irene shows up in court the following morning to hear the decision. She wipes away tears as the judge gives his ruling, then looks back at her friends.

Will Irene receive a prison sentence if she is proven guilty?

These scenes will premiere in the UK in January 2024 after airing this week in Australia.


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