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Karl destroyed by money scam as David faces jail: 6 big Neighbours spoilers

This week on Neighbours, decisions must be taken, beginning with David (Takaya Honda) and Freya (Phoebe Roberts) regaining control of their lives.

They haven’t been able to identify their blackmailer, and with time running out and no other options, the two decide to take desperate measures in the hopes of retaining their freedom. Are they committing a blunder?

Ned (Ben Hall) is also facing a major decision: does he desire Amy (Jacinta Stapleton) or Harlow (Jemma Donovan)?

Karl Kennedy (Alan Fletcher) has already decided to invest in Montana Marcel’s (Tammin Sursok) business, but will it change his life in unexpected ways?

And Mackenzie (Georgie Stone) takes a decision that makes Hendrix (Ben Turland) doubt who she is becoming – and possibly their entire relationship.

Here’s what’s coming up next in Neighbours.

David and Freya are on the lookout for their blackmailer

For David and Freya, it’s come down to a choice: either identify their blackmailer or do the one thing neither of them wants to do. Freya has one ace up her sleeve before resorting to a last resort: she approaches her estranged brother Zane and begs for his assistance. Given their lack of touch, his first instinct is to tell her to go away, but he eventually realises he must assist his sister. He finally caves in and gives them the money, but it doesn’t fix their problems the way they expect. David has had enough, so he keys Dean’s car and confronts him about why he is tormenting them. Dean, though, has no idea what he’s talking about, much to David’s amazement. Who is the blackmailer if Dean isn’t the one?

Chloe and Nicolette join forces to uncover the truth

When it comes to Glen, Chloe and Nic both smell a rat, which is bad news for him. Currently, he is unaware of this and goes about his business, unaware that these two are on the verge of solving the case. They’ve both noticed his strange behaviour, which has worsened since Kiri moved to town. Nic and Chloe both have the feeling that something isn’t quite right, and they realise they’re singing from the same hymn sheet. They’ll keep a close eye on him between them. They tell Leo about their concerns about Glen, and he assures them that whatever Glen is up to, it must be with good intentions. Will Leo be forced to come clean if he offers to help and confronts Glen?

Is a money scam destroying Karl and Susan?

Karl has decided to invest in Montana, despite Susan’s objections. Marcel is the owner of a cosmetics company. Ignoring his wife’s wishes is bad enough, but he’s in for a world of hurt with the company on the verge of collapse. He’s blissfully unaware at the moment, and is overjoyed with his financial decision, telling everyone what a genius he is. Clive overhears him doling out financial advice at random and weighs in with his thoughts, causing Karl to realise he may have misjudged the situation. Karl is now questioning everything because the seed has been planted. Montana notices he has become withdrawn and aims to reassure him that he’s made a good investment. But while Karl is fretting about his money being safe, he has the added pressure of keeping it secret from his wife. But we’re talking about Susan, who can smell a lie from 100 yards away. When she discovers the truth, everything comes crashing down, and Karl is anxious to get his money back. But, with Montana’s business on the verge of collapse, has he gone too far this time?

Gareth’s death has landed David and Freya in hot water

David has reached the end of his tether; he has tried everything he can to save himself, but to no avail. With nowhere else to go, he and Freya make a decision: they’ll give themselves in. They proceed to the police station and deliver their shocking news. The next thing they know, they’re both handcuffed, and things are swiftly worse — they even learn the identify of their blackmailer, implying that it was all for naught. Now that they’re facing prison time, they’ve decided to blame traumatic stress for Gareth’s death. Are they going to get away with it?

Mackenzie is in a bind

Mackenzie is ecstatic to be recognised for her newfound talent at the Fashion Week opening. Montana showers her with praise, which she savours like a sponge. But she runs into a snag: the next photoshoot conflicts with law school, and Montana tells her that she must attend. Mackenzie is forced to rely on her university friends to cover for her as a result of this. Hendrix is concerned because she does not appear to be as concerned as she should be. He has a secret concern that she is becoming self-absorbed, and while she definitely has a talent, this new aspect of her is unappealing to him.

Finally, Ned makes his decision

Ned has left two women hanging simply because it is easier than making a choice. Harlow, on the other hand, has had enough and is about to force his hand. Of course, Amy is completely oblivious to all of this, and she attempts to recruit Harlow to model for her show. This leaves Harlow feeling terribly embarrassed and she shoots this feeling onto Ned – it’s his fault she’s in this dreadful circumstance. This is the wake-up call Ned requires; he must make a decision. He decides that, despite his feelings for Harlow, he prefers Amy. So that’s that. Or is it?

Scenes air beginning Monday April 18 on Channel 5.


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