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Kylie Minogue explains why she was “baffled” over Neighbours’ return

Kylie Minogue, a former cast member of Neighbours, acknowledged that she was “a little baffled” by the show’s return.

Although it appeared that the show had been cancelled, Amazon Freevee brought it back a few months later. Last year, the pop icon returned to her role as Charlene Robinson alongside her on-screen husband Jason Donovan (Scott).

Thursday, September 28, Minogue stated she was “baffled” by the announcement during her interview on Hits Radio’s Breakfast Show with Fleur East since “everyone went to a lot of effort” for what was previously believed to be the “last-ever” episode.

She went on, “I felt horrible because I was just kind of on and off and said two words since Guy (Pearce) went to the most effort and had like a million scenes!

“Yet it was a momentous occasion, from Margot Robbie to everyone who called in to offer their respects. Thus, there was a curious expression on its face as it was revealed to be returning! Although I haven’t witnessed it, everything seems to be going well and the neighbours should continue.”

The ‘Padam’ singer had earlier said that she was a little “miffed” by the comeback, but she clarified, saying, “But I know with the producer, he’d said, like, it wasn’t [certain].” They were unaware. Therefore, all of the love and affection that was shown in the last episode was real.”

A potential return to Ramsey Street for Charlene has also been hinted at by Minogue, who said: “Ah, well, I didn’t think she would before and she did.” I’m going to stay receptive to it, therefore.”

In the meantime, Guy Pearce has committed to make a cameo appearance on the programme to clarify why his character Mike, who moved back to Erinsborough with Jane Harris in the “final episode,” won’t be remaining around.

He stated, “I want to do it respectfully, of course, if I’m going to get out of the show.”


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