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EastEnders reveals full details of Stacey Slater’s return story

The whole storey of what will happen when Stacey Slater returns to the BBC One soap after a long absence has been revealed by EastEnders.

Lacey Turner, who went on maternity leave earlier this year and gave birth to her second child, a son called Trilby Fox, in February, will be familiar to fans. Stacey is presently doing time on the programme for something she didn’t commit, with now-deleted footage revealing that Ruby Allen slid down the stairs instead of being pushed.

Martin Fowler is perplexed as Lily Slater reveals Ruby knew she obtained cannabis from Jean’s in scenes scheduled to air on Thursday, September 16. He also notices a message from the cops on Ruby’s phone, informing her that a drug-related arrest has been made.

Martin, who is furious over the situation, pays a visit to Stacey in prison. He confesses to her that he believes he has utterly screwed up Ruby’s position.

Stacey warns Martin that unless he takes care of Ruby, she would murder her.

Stacey has met a new friend named Eve in prison, according to the soap’s boss Kate Oates, who continues to be a tremendous support to her on the outside. We’re not sure what she means…

Louisa Lytton, who plays Ruby, is going on maternity leave, so it’s no wonder that the drama around her is heating up ahead of her departure. It’s what Oates refers to as “a little sticky finale,” and you can read more about what she means here.



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