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Home and Away newcomer opens up on mother’s heartbreaking battle with dementia

Star of Home and Away Jessica Redmayne talked about her mother’s protracted fight with dementia and acknowledged that it had altered the way she saw the world.

On Wednesday, September 27, the actress, 31, made her stage debut as Harper Matheson. She arrived in Summer Bay in search of a rental accommodation.

Outside of the soap opera, Jessica disclosed that her family has experienced hardships after Tina, her mother, was identified as having early-onset dementia in 2014.

In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, she discussed her mother’s health fight and said: “Dad told me everyone has their s**t, and this is ours. It altered the way I saw the world.

It is really difficult to realise that they would eventually forget who you are and that I am her daughter. Jessica talked about how heartbroken she was when her mother stopped seeing her as her daughter and started thinking of her as a friend.

“She got to a point where she knew my name, but didn’t realise I was her child,” the TV personality went on. She didn’t realise she had children; she still believed I was her best friend.” Jessica recently served as the face of Australia’s Dementia Action Week, a campaign to help increase awareness of the illness that affects 400,000 people there.

After being named as their newest ambassador, the soap opera star expressed her want to use her experience to help raise awareness of dementia and let others who are affected by the disease know they are not alone. Jessica made guest appearances on several Australian TV shows, like as Neighbours, Fisk, and Wentworth, prior to her Home and Away debut.

The actor, who was born and reared in Melbourne, moved to Sydney earlier this year after being cast in the Harper role. Fans will find out what Harper is concealing on Friday, September 29, in light of her strange demeanour surrounding law enforcement.

Harper tells her old buddy and Summer Bay police officer Cash Newman (Nicholas Cartwright) about her sister Dana’s (Ally Harris) run-ins with the law before heading to Irene’s for supper. Harper takes the extra food into her room, where Dana, who is on the run, climbs through the window, insisting she clean up.


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