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Neighbours’ Alan Fletcher talks Holly’s return and potential Izzy comeback

The upcoming season of Neighbours has commenced with a dramatic tone, and it appears like tensions with the Kennedy family will only increase.

For the Australian soap opera’s revival, Lucinda Armstrong-Hall’s character Holly Hoyland has made a comeback; however, it appears that actor Alan Fletcher wants to see more famous faces return.

In an exclusive interview with, Fletcher, who portrays Karl Kennedy in Neighbours, acknowledged his desire to see Izzy return, saying, “I think in a strange way is she’s actually drawn to Ramsay Street.”

“With some of our greatest tales, there haven’t always been smooth returns. She returned and asked Karl to help father another child—oh, yeah, she had stolen his semen!”

“Izzy has always returned and caused trouble,” he continued. “It was evidently amazing that she returned with Mal, who ended up being her boyfriend.” I would sincerely, truly love to have her back, primarily because she is one of Jackie and my best friends. We also enjoy working with her. It’s always enjoyable.

Given that Holly is the daughter of Karl and the most scandalous character on Neighbours, Izzy Hoyland (Natalie Bassingthwaighte), it’s possible that Izzy will appear at some point.

Alan Fletcher (as Karl Kennedy) and Ryan Moloney (as Toadie Rebecchi)

As of right now, though, the Kennedy household has been shaken by Holly’s arrival, so we’ll just have to wait and watch how things play out.


Speaking about how Holly’s return would cause problems for him and Susan (Jackie Woodburne), Fletcher added: “That kind of dynamic can cause it could cause issues because each parent might have a different view about how to parent someone who’s quite as wilful as Holly. Karl is Holly’s father, but Susan’s the stepmom.

While it’s true that Holly is a bit of an old hand at things, it’s also important to note that she makes a concerted effort to distance herself from her mother. The question then arises as to her level of success. Additionally, I believe that Karl is in a position where he believes he is raising his children well, but Susan may not agree.


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