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Celebrity Apprentice star Jodi Gordon and her mini-me daughter Aleeia are always onto the next adventure

Jodi Gordon and daughter Aleeia are always on the go.

The star told Now To Love that their Instagram is genuine. They’re THAT similar.

“She’s tenacious, charming, humorous, and loves to perform,” she remarked.

She loves dancing and is full of life and energy; she’s wonderful. She’s a lovely, loving child.”

Jodi and Braith Anasta welcomed Aleeia in March 2014.

The parents told Woman’s Day their baby girl was 11 days early.

“It seemed like I was in a movie,” she told the outlet at the time. “It was thrilling. It was perfect.

“Midnight contractions had us racing to the hospital… “Then this kicking-and-screaming baby girl appeared.”

Aleeia took after her mum’s imaginative and assertive attitude, but she won’t push her into acting.

She wants to be a dancer, fashion designer, and scientist. “I encourage her to explore,” she said.

She’s trying out acro and dance, so we’re helping her figure out what she likes and what works for her.

Even though she and Braith split, they co-parent their child.

“Like most co-parenting situations, we make it work,” she said. We’re a team.

Her family, my ex-family, partner’s and all of our parents are constantly around her. So many grandparents, friends”

Aleeia turned 8 this year, and her mom celebrated by posting Instagram videos of her active attitude.

She captioned her homage, “The joy, laughter, love, compassion, kindness, courage, and friendship my girl displays the world everyday is so blissful!! I’m proud of the 8-year-old she’s become. You’re a baby! I adore you more than words, happy 8th birthday.”

We’ve compiled a collection of their cutest mother-daughter outings to celebrate their lovely friendship.

“Our resting Easter faces after too much chocolate,” Jodi wrote on Instagram.

“Lifelong besties.”

“Happy Birthday to the most wonderful person on earth- I adore you!!


Daily mirror selfies…

Aleeia’s seashore hug melted her mother’s heart.

Coin flip.

Jodi remarked, “What happens when we put up the tree lol….. She’s pure delight.”

Even at home, they help charity and on a mysterious trip.

Which one do you prefer?


“New beginnings with my bestie”


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