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Neighbours Spoilers – A race against time to rescue Harlow!

Corey takes Harlow captive in a rural cottage next week on Neighbours in the UK. Freya discovers a clue to her whereabouts; can she find her?

These scenes air in the UK on May 23rd and in Australia on June 20th.

Corey (Laurence Boxhall) moved to Erinsborough after meeting Harlow (Jemma Donovan) in the UK.

Nobody has noticed that it’s odd that the Brit came to Australia after only briefly meeting Harlow in London.

In actuality, he’s a member of The Order, the sinister organisation Harlow’s mum Prue (Denise Van Outen) was part of, and he’s in Melbourne to recruit Harlow, with mystery senior member Cristabel (Zyd Zygier) giving him orders.

So far, he’s uncovered Harlow and Ned’s affair and vandalised Amy’s Drinks Diva van, making Harlow look guilty. He intimated to Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) that Harlow knew about Paul’s plan to bring down Fashion Week, dividing the once-close couple.

Corey begins drugging Harlow and isolating her this week in the UK.

David (Takaya Honda) and Chloe (April Rose Pengilly) are after him.

David suspects trouble when Harlow seems off. He starts snooping and that Corey doesn’t care for his niece.

A photo of Harlow and Ned (Ben Hall) kissing is projected over Harlow’s outfit while Chloe investigates Amy’s (Jacinta Stapleton) Fashion Week sabotage.

Until now, the responsibility was placed on a renegade Lassiters employee, but Chloe doubts that version of events and gets closer to the truth.

Corey whisks Harlow away to a secluded home so he may indoctrinate her into The Order.

Next week (UK: Monday 23rd May / Aus: Monday 20th June), Harlow is drugged at a secluded cottage while her friends and family in Erinsborough are unaware.

As he did in Erinsborough, he continues to drug Harlow’s tea.

She dances gleefully, entranced, unaware of what’s happening.

Freya (Phoebe Roberts) spots Harlow’s cardigan in Cristabel’s car and realises something’s wrong.

Freya decides to inspect the discovery.

She finds Harlow in a dazed state at the secluded cottage.

Corey attacks Freya before she can save Harlow.

He grabs her and smacks her with a watering can, while a dazed Harlow dances on.

Corey binds Freya’s body before dragging a drugged Harlow away.

Freya awakens alone and escapes. She raises the alarm, and David and Levi (Richie Morris) arrive quickly.

The three chases Harlow, but they don’t know if they’ll reach her in time.

The next day (Wednesday, May 25/Tuesday, June 21), they find Harlow and her kidnapper.

They assist her escape and rescue Cristabel, but Corey is missing.

Back in Erinsborough, Freya confronts a defiant Cristabel. The top cult member doesn’t know where Corey is, which implies justice hasn’t been served for Harlow.

Levi has been cold to Freya in recent weeks because she and David didn’t treat Gareth (Jack Pearson) at River Bend.

Levi only discovered out when he was forced to take Freya’s statement at Erinsborough Police Station and prosecute her and David.

Freya had affections for Levi, but her lies and treachery drove him away.

Levi’s admiration for Freya is rekindled after she saves Harlow.

Instantly, their chemistry returns… Levi must forgive her to move on.


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