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Home and Away’s Ava played by two actors before Annabel Wolfe starred as troubled teen

Home and Away’s Ava, now played by Annabel Wolfe, returned to Summer Bay last month after a three-year absence but this is the third time the role has been recast

Ava Gilbert from Home and Away recently made her second visit to Summer Bay; this is the third time the part has been recreated.

Since she returned to the coastal hamlet, the disturbed teen, now portrayed by 21-year-old Annabel Wolfe, has created quite a commotion.

Ava’s true goal was swiftly uncovered when she went back to the Bay to see her father, Justin Morgan (James Stewart), but she had actually been stalking Theo Poulous (Matt Evans).

As seen in Friday’s episode (May 12), Ava’s fixation with the singer led her down a dark path when, after Theo stated he would never like her in that manner, she hopped into a stranger’s car.

When Theo informs Justin that Ava departed in an unknown car, a distraught Justin sets out to locate his daughter before something awful occurs.

Fans last saw Ava in 2020, and it’s safe to assume she changed a lot since then.

When Ava accidentally met Justin in the Bay for the first time in 2016, he was returning a cap he had left on a bench when she ran into him on her way home from school.

Grace Thomas, a young actor, was portraying the child at this moment.

Grace played the role of Ava until 2018, with the character leaving the Bay with her mother, Nina after she was kidnapped.

Ava returned one year later when she came to visit Justin, but this time she was played by Alice Roberts.

Alice portrayed the character for just one year before she left once again.

After a three year absence, Ava returned and it was recast to Annabel.

James, 47, wasted no time paying tribute to his on-screen daughter as he took to Instagram in April with a sweet message aimed at the actress.

The Aussie star, who has been on the Channel 5 soap since 2016, wrote: “So stoked to have @annabelwolfe playing my daughter… she’s an incredible young actor with such a bright future ahead of her.

“She’s kind, intelligent, always listening and learning – such a great energy on set and in our cast.”

He added: “She’s giving this story the turmoil it needs and proving to be a bit of a handful for Justin. Garrrgghhh… dads and their daughters eh’?”


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