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Shock punch, painful secrets and tense standoffs: 8 huge home and Away spoilers

Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) wants to spend more time with Tane (Ethan Browne), but his family duties keep getting in the way. Mia (Anna Samson) calls to ask for guidance over a catastrophic reconciliation with Chloe (Sam Barrett). Mia sleepwalks when Felicity visits for a surprise night in. Felicity wonders if she can handle the ongoing drama…

With John (Shane Withington) being aware of his ‘strict’ parenting tactics with Theo (Matt Evans), Dimitri (Salvatore Coco) rushes to find his son. He asks Theo why he’s been telling outsiders their secrets, but Theo punches him. Leah (Ada Nicodemou) and Justin (James Stewart) are shocked. Why did Theo snap? Should John retain Theo’s secret or tell those who can aid him?

Home and Away’s Monday, May 16 schedule is below.

John meets Theo’s nemesis

John greets Leah’s new friend in the diner. John recognises Theo’s abuser when Leah introduces her brother Dimitri. Dimitri notices he has trouble being friendly. Dimitri invites him to Salt, implying he knows more than he’s saying. John accepts, and the two men start talking, each revealing some painful truths…

Dimitri provokes Theo’s public meltdown

Dimitri is enraged after talking to John in Salt. How dare he inquire why Theo departed so early? Dimitri is confident his son has revealed all of the family secrets to John, and he will punish Theo. He notices Theo downstairs in the Surf Club and challenges him, asking why he’s bad-mouthing his own father. Theo sees his father upset and punches him to the ground.

Theo’s tragic childhood secrets

Leah and Justin see Theo punch Dimitri and are frightened. Theo is too excited to answer, and John knows it. However, Dimitri blames his son for his marital woes. Justin is perplexed by Theo’s unusual behaviour. John fights to retain Theo’s secret as the situation deteriorates. Later that evening, as Justin and Leah try to figure out what went wrong, John arrives with some shocking news.

In a tense conflict, Dean accuses Tane of abandoning his family

Dean is getting unhappy with Chloe’s persistent presence in the Farm House – she acts like she owns it, and Bella is clearly being smothered. Dean confronts Tane after realising Bella won’t be assertive with Chloe and seeing how she manipulates her. Chloe won’t go home. Tane doesn’t like his ex’s lover getting in his face or implying he’s letting his family go astray.

Felicity battles Tane’s family drama

Felicity has been quite supportive since Ari’s death, but her relationship with Tane is deteriorating as his family commitments increase. Then she gets a call from Mia, who is upset since her reunion with Chloe didn’t go well. Cash proposes she sneaks over one night with her boyfriend. The mood is broken when sleepwalking Mia enters the room. Felicity’s familial drama is never-ending.

Mia informs Tane she’s leaving with Chloe

Tane is astonished when Ziggy calls and tells him Mia has locked herself in the office and kicked everyone out of the gym. He runs to the gym and sees Mia vanquished. She tells him she’s losing her mind. On the beach, Jasmine runs past her staring at the ocean. The two ladies discuss losing a husband early in a marriage, and Jasmine says she left the Bay to escape the memories. Mia ponders… Tane hears her decision later. She’s leaving the Bay with Chloe.

Xander and Rose covertly intend to leave Jasmine devastated

Jasmine unwillingly agrees to go for a walk with her long-lost siblings Xander and Rose towards the lighthouse. Xander admits he’s a paramedic, which surprises Jasmine because they both got into the field for the same reasons. Rose is wary about Xander and Jasmine’s growing friendship. Jasmine’s refusal of a drink confirms her concerns. The couple decides Jasmine is too much and intends to leave. Jasmine goes to the trailer park in the morning and sees them packing up to leave…

Roo is upset when Martha’s illness delayed her return

Roo is anxiously awaiting Alf and Martha’s return from Merimbula. Roo wants to restore Martha’s strained relationship with her mother and her deteriorating health. As she makes last-minute preparations, including buying diner food, Kieran calls. Martha’s health deteriorated, so they’re staying in Merimbula. Roo is heartbroken as her mother’s condition worsens in the Bay.


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