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Home and Away’s Kirsty Marillier opens up on Rose heartache after Xander violent attack

In an exclusive interview, Home and Away actress Kirsty Marillier discussed how Rose Delaney feels when her lover, Mali Hudson, dumps her after the attack on her brother.

When her brother is attacked the next week, Rose Delaney (Kirsty Marillier) of Home and Away will experience a lot of pain.

When Xander Delaney (Luke Van Os) gets assaulted by a group of thugs searching for narcotics in the ambulance, things take a sinister turn for him.

Rose is compelled to inform Xander that his partner passed away at the scene before he is brought to the hospital with critical injuries.

After seeing her brother laying helpless in the hospital, Rose decides to seek justice and stops at nothing to find those guilty.

Mali Hudson (Kyle Shilling) waits by Xander’s bedside in the ICU and ponders how his girlfriend could abandon her brother in the hospital as Rose continues her mission to find Xander’s attackers.

After organising a sting operation, Rose is thrilled when she is able to apprehend the offender and thinks that Xander has finally received justice.

She immediately loses her victory, however, when Mali breaks up with her and says he wants to be with someone who has similar priorities to himself.

The duo are more alike than they appear, Kirsty exclusively revealed to Daily Star, despite their divergent attitudes.

They seem to complement each other well, in my opinion. They may come from a different background, but I believe they share some of the same ideals, she remarked.

The Australian actor said, describing Rose’s reaction to Mali’s breakup: “I think she’s dumfounded. She certainly didn’t anticipate this, in my opinion.

“Despite her being a cop, they haven’t had any other problems in their relationship, so it’s the first real challenge they’ve encountered.”

They don’t even get to talk about it, the actress said, who debuted as Rose in 2022. After one altercation, he simply ends things with her. It causes a lot of pain.

“She is stunned. If he’s just ready to quit, it makes her doubt all they’ve experienced.

Kirsty continued, hinting that the breakup might not be final: “I think that’s the major crux of where they’re at in this breakup. In order for them to repair, they have to start to understand each other’s point of view.”


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