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Home and Away hints at huge twist in Justin and Andrew storyline

Has Andrew been kidnapped?


Australian-paced episodes of Home and Away include spoilers, which some UK viewers may want to avoid.

Following the most recent Australian episodes of the show, Home and Away has warned that fragile adolescent Andrew Lawrence might be in grave danger.

A significant new plotline for Justin Morgan, who has spent the past two weeks generously attempting to assist Andrew after discovering him asleep in an empty house, is currently running on the show.

When he saw Justin doing community service work nearby, Andrew had sent him a note asking for assistance because he was struggling without sufficient sustenance or support.

Later, it was discovered that Andrew had been abandoned since his father had just lately gone away. When Andrew was just 4 years old, his father, who belonged to a doomsday cult, had snatched him from his mother.

According to this week’s episodes of Channel 7, a woman posing as Esther, Andrew’s mother, has appeared in Summer Bay.

Since Andrew was so young the last time he saw his mother, Justin and his partner Leah Patterson felt that the reason he didn’t recognise ‘Esther’ was because she was unfamiliar to him.

Even though Andrew didn’t want to move home with his mother, he felt bad when he overheard Leah feeling sorry that ‘Esther’ might never get to know him.

Even though he really wanted to stay with Justin and Leah, Andrew ultimately decided to go with “Esther”.

Sadly, a brand-new trailer posted to Home and Away’s Instagram page suggests that ‘Esther’ may not be as perfect as she seems.

The tagline of the advertisement teases the plot with the phrase “The lie that changes everything.” It appears that Leah and Justin might have been deceived.

One fan hypothesised in the comments section, “Taking him back to the cult. Surely a DNA test should have been conducted.

Someone else said, “I don’t think that woman is Andrew’s mother; she seems suspicious.”

The narrative will continue this week for Australian Home and Away viewers, while these scenes will show in the UK in July on Channel 5.


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