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Home and Away fans ‘expose’ show budget as they spot surprising detail in police uniform

When Justin implored Rose to help him find his daughter who he thought had been abducted, viewers of Home and Away spotted an interesting feature on a police officer’s clothing.

Fans of the Channel 5 soap opera Home and Away caught an alarming detail on a police officer’s uniform during the episode that aired on Monday, May 15.

Viewers who were paying attention caught it when Justin Morgan (James Stewart) urged Rose Delaney (Kirsty Marillier), a Summer Bay police officer, to assist him in finding his daughter (Annabel Wolfe), whom he thought had been abducted.

Fans noticed something unexpected about the new cop Rose was paired with as they entered the diner, despite the fact that he had no lines and was a newcomer.

It said “A. Rosetta” and most likely alluded to the role of Angelo Rosetta, which Luke Jacobz performed from 2008 to 2011.

The 42-year-old actor returned to the part in 2020 when Angelo went back to look into Ross Nixon’s murder (played by Justin Rosniak), but he left after a short while and hasn’t been seen around the Bay area since.

One fan commented on the mistake on social media, saying, “Nothing like a bit of recycling,” while another said, “I guess the point is, they use the same prop for multiple people.”

While a third thought the new cop might be related to the previous one.

The fact that Dean Thompson (Paddy O’Connor) and Ziggy Astoni (Sophie Dillman) left Summer Bay without saying goodbye caused John Palmer (Shane Withington) to snap at Mali Hudson (Kyle Shilling) during Monday’s episode.

The real-life pair, whose farewell scenes on the Australian soap were shown on May 5, exclusively told Daily Star that working together was the “best of their lives.”

We spent the whole of our 20s working there, and we covered a lot of storylines, according to Paddy, 30, who made his acting debut as Dean in 2018.

Everyone thinks about the future as they approach their 30s, and we both planned to relocate abroad.

“They told us the pregnancy storyline was going to be the way we go, and then when that came around, it all kind of fell into place.”

“It felt right,” remarked Sophie, who debuted as Ziggy in 2017.

The former River Boy acknowledged, “It was sad, though,” and Sophie, 29, concurred, “Yeah, we cried a lot.”

We miss everyone every day, the blonde beauty continued. The happiest years of our lives were passed, yet it was time.


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