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Home and Away’s Justin Morgan left furious after major Andrew twist

Cash has made a devastating mistake.

There are spoilers for the Australian episodes of Home and Away that aired on May 18; some UK viewers might want to avoid them.

In Australia’s triple bill on Thursday, Justin Morgan experienced a horrible shock when he learned that vulnerable teen Andrew Lawrence is once more in danger.

After learning that Andrew, 17, had been abducted by the doomsday cult that his late father had previously belonged to, Justin concerned for Andrew’s safety.

Viewers had watched Andrew being lovingly cared after by Justin and his partner Leah Patterson after his father’s passing left him defenceless and alone.

When a woman showed up claiming to be Andrew’s mother Esther and took him away, everything seemed to be going well, but it has now come to light that the woman was lying about who she really was.

In the Australian episodes airing on Thursday, Cash Newman, a local policeman, spoke with Andrew’s sister Tegan, who disclosed that their mother had in fact been missing for a long time.

Later, it was discovered that the ‘Esther’ who came to the Bay was actually the head of the cult that had been so problematic in Andrew’s difficult upbringing.

Justin was furious to learn that Cash had made such a grave error in failing to thoroughly confirm the identity of “Esther.”

Cash’s superiors in the police department took him off the case, but he was still concerned that no one else on the team would work as hard to ensure Andrew’s safe return.

Despite the fact that a specialised task force is monitoring the issue, Andrew’s age and proximity to adulthood make him a lower priority.

Cash approached Justin in an effort to make amends and asked that they work together to find a non-legal solution to the issue.

Promised payment: “I’m not giving up. That’s why I wanted to talk to you; in fact, I think we should collaborate.

“I am aware of Andrew’s owner. Margot is her [actual] name. We need to go through everything she did and said because you spent a lot more time with her than I did. She might have made a mistake and stated something that will aid in my search for her.

Andrew was observed by Margot at the cult’s secluded compound while she made him follow a strenuous training regimen.

Andrew was clearly being punished by Margot for being so forthcoming with Justin, Leah, and the police. Can he be saved?

In July, Channel 5 will air these moments for Home and Away viewers in the UK.


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