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Home and Away fans thank Cash Newman star for his service as he opens up in raw post

Home and Away star Nicholas Cartwright has portrayed Summer Bay police officer Cash Newman since 2021 but before that, he served in the Australian Army for six years

Following his reflections on his time in the army, Nicholas Cartwright received thanks from Home and Away supporters for his service.

Prior to obtaining the part of Senior Constable Cash Newman on the Channel 5 soap opera in 2021, the actor served in the Australian Army.

During his six years of service, he served as a rifleman and was deployed to Afghanistan and East Timor.

The soap star used Instagram last month on Anzac Day to honor and remember Australian and New Zealand servicemen who lost their lives in combat.

“Had a nice quiet morning service, now I’m going to call a few lads who I haven’t spoken to in a while,” Nicholas wrote with a photo of himself wearing his military decorations.

“Every year that passes, Anzac Day changes for me, and as I become older, I notice that my relationship with the military also changes.

“But I’ll always dress in my uniform and don my medals. I’ll keep these in mind. Lest we overlook.

Gratitude notes from friends and admirers flooded Nicholas’ grid comments, thanking him for his service.

Lest we overlook. I appreciate your service. One individual wrote, “Peace, love, and a long life to you and all who served.

Another wrote: “I appreciate your assistance. I will always appreciate you.

Another user said, “Thanks for your service in allowing us to have the freedoms and liberties that we so often take for granted!”

Four voices echoed, one saying, “Thank you for your service lest we forget.”

The soap opera star enrolled in an acting class at the National Institute of Dramatic Art after quitting the army.

Many veterans find the process of leaving the Australian Defense Force and returning to civilian life to be quite challenging, and I was no exception. I wasn’t interested in returning to a 9 to 5 career, the celebrity told The Daily Telegraph.

Before I joined the army, I was constantly in creative space


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