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Home and Away star Kirsty Marillier reveals devastating story for Rose Delaney

“I hope that people respond well to the story.”

Spoilers for UK viewers of Home and Away are below.

Next week on UK television, Rose Delaney’s world will be flipped upside down when her brother Xander battles for his life in the hospital after being attacked in Home and Away.

When a group of thugs with baseball bats approaches the ambulance with the intention of stealing drugs, Xander is hard at work on his paramedic shift. Jamie, Xander’s coworker, tragically passes away at the scene while Xander is taken to the hospital.

Rose concentrates her efforts on finding the offenders and utilises her position within the police to seek justice rather than waiting by Xander’s bedside for news.

During Xander’s dilemma, Rose’s family-oriented boyfriend Mali Hudson challenges her priorities and finally breaks their relationship because they are too different.

Kirsty Marillier, who portrays Rose, recently spoke with Digital Spy for an exclusive interview about the plot.

How was it to film such a dramatic story?

It was extremely wonderful. I was frequently seeing our acting coach at the time of this event because we work with her. She’s always around, but how much free time you have to see her will determine how frequently you see her.

“We collaborated a lot on these moments because I really wanted to explore some emotional territory during filming. I felt like I was able to expand myself as an actor in a tremendous way because I was aware that this material would force me into that emotional territory. We both found it to be enlightening and a genuine learning curve, even Xander actor Luke Van Os and I.

“There is something worth fighting for in the sequences when the stakes are high in a plot. I’m pleased with how everything turned out and I hope readers enjoy the story.

To commemorate the 8,000th episode, the tale will air during the “blockbuster fortnight.” Were you aware that it would draw such a big audience?

“You’re never really certain! I was aware that this would be a significant plot point for Rose and Xander, but you never know how much they’ll reveal in terms of promotion and internet stuff.

“When we were filming it, it definitely seemed big. Rose experienced crying, screaming, fights, and the arrest of drug dealers. There were all kinds of important things occurring, so you hope they get a promo in!”

Why does Rose focus on the police sting to catch the culprits, rather than staying by Xander’s bedside?

Rose shifts into sister mode when she learns that Xander has been struck by a baseball bat. Rose chooses to go after the perpetrators of this rather than simply sitting by their brother’s side for the following five days like a potential citizen could.

“It originates from a desire to be active and do good. She is determined to halt the criminals in their tracks.

“I wouldn’t say it’s necessarily a revenge plot because that’s how it could be interpreted, in my opinion. I believe it’s honestly about preventing this hurt from happening once more, and Rose is aware that Xander would want her to take this action.

“Getting rid of these people and locking them up feels fundamentally correct for the character and the larger good. They have brought about a great deal of suffering.

Mali disagrees and accuses Rose of leaving her brother behind when he needs her.

Mali doing that certainly catches Rose off guard. Since Rose is truly working all night to be at the police station and look into this case, it feels like a big swing and a smack in the face.

“Mali’s viewpoint is intriguing since it focuses on where his value system is located. He genuinely prioritises his family in all that he does.

Rose feels the same way, but from a different perspective. Because Mali doesn’t get her perspective, this is where the conflict in their relationship arises, upsetting Rose.

Mali shows up at the police station and requests that she go to the hospital rather. Due to the fact that she is handling a very significant case and that this is how she is expressing her love for Xander, Rose becomes rather agitated. Sadly, at this moment, it is not in her environment for her to be sitting by Xander’s bedside.

Could you understand Rose’s decision?

“I had to truly consider what Rose was doing in order to understand it, and I believe I now do. Rose sitting next to Xander wouldn’t change anything because it’s about protection. She must start the transformation because she feels powerless to help him.

“It was crucial for me to comprehend the reasoning behind that decision because I didn’t want Rose to come off as conceited or as utilising it as a coping mechanism for her suffering.

“That did exist, too, but really it was coming from a place of wanting to create good and change the evil that was occurring at the time.”

Mali ends his relationship with Rose after this argument. Is there any hope for their future?
“People appear to like them; they seem to like their union. But if they want to get back together, I believe they really do need to put in some effort. It hasn’t gone over well because it’s a rather significant hurdle to face early on in a relationship.

“Mali had split from Rose in one of their first conflicts, which explains why she is so surprised. What, we’re not even going to have a dialogue about this? I believe that’s all she’s thinking. That hurts a lot. You’ll have to pay attention to that one to see what happens.

Mali discussed the racism that Indigenous Australians encounter from the police in the early stages of their relationship. How did you feel about the way he and Rose explored that on the show?

“I think adding this plot to Summer Bay was incredibly interesting. The characters are navigating challenging terrain.

“I am a South African of mixed race. I am partially African and I was raised in South Africa. It’s noteworthy since that conversation took place between two persons of colour rather than an Indigenous Australian and a white person.

“I believe having that conversation would be extremely intriguing. The writers made an extremely wise decision to include that.

“Rose had to show Mali at that point that she wasn’t doing her job. Rose definitely looks to be behaving from the standpoint of her job and profession in this particular case when she’s trying to identify these drug dealers, so perhaps that’s why he reacts to this Xander situation so badly.


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