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Home and Away’s Jacqui Purvis wants Felicity to have ‘really intense and gory’ death

When Felicity Newman eventually leaves the Channel 5 soap opera, Home and Away star Jacqui Purvis said she wants her to have a “really intense and gory death.”

Jacqui Purvis, a star of Home and Away, shared her ideal conclusion for Felicity Newman, and it surely isn’t a pleasant one.

Since moving to Summer Bay in 2021, the actress has become a focal point of various dramatic storylines on the long-running Australian soap opera.

Felicity (Ethan Browne) was getting ready to wed Tane Parata earlier this year when she was involved in a serious vehicle accident on the way to the ceremony.

Felicity lost her relationship with Tane and turned to booze to cope with her trauma after the horrible tragedy that left numerous people with serious injuries.

Nevertheless, the couple eventually found each other again and announced their renewed engagement on Wednesday’s (May 10) episode of the Channel 5 soap opera.

Felicity and Tane are happy to be together again, but if Jacqui has anything to do with it, their joy won’t last long.

The blonde beauty earlier stated to Yahoo! Lifestyle that she wants to leave the programme on a high note.

According to her, “[I’d like to be] killed off… I want a highly dramatic death—one that is intense, gory, and causes everyone to cry.

The Australian diva was careful not to reveal too much when asked how long she intended to spend in Summer Bay.

Who knows, she answered.

As an actor, Jacqui continued, “I mean, you get offered this role, this experience, and it’s incredible… You’re acting every day, which is an actor’s dream, and having a consistent job is very rare in this industry.”

When speaking about the impending wedding of her character, the actress said it felt “really weird” because she had never been married.

“It was cool, but also really weird, because It’s such a moment in someone’s life and I haven’t been married before,” she said.

“I was like, I just have nothing to connect to,” Jacqui continued. I don’t have any references at my disposal. So, sure, I was trying to figure out how you would act in a wedding.


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