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Neighbours theory: Harlow Robinson to discover she isn’t Paul’s granddaughter

Harlow (Jemma Donovan) arrived on Ramsay Street three years ago as the long-lost granddaughter of Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis), a Neighbours legend, and has since settled into life in Erinsborough. After her mother Prue Wallace (Denise Van Outen) claimed she had conceived the child while travelling, it never occurred to anyone that she wasn’t Robert Robinson’s (Adam Hunter) daughter. In upcoming moments on the Channel 5 soap, Harlow, who is in London to be closer to her late mother, may realise she isn’t a member of the famed Robinson family at all.

Amanda Holden, a judge on Britain’s Got Talent, has joined the cast as Harlow’s auntie, Harriet, in the London-based episodes.

The new guest character is Prue’s late sister, who is eager to reunite with her niece after years away.

The newcomer begins acting suspiciously in Tuesday’s episodes after stating she has lost her sister’s diary, which contains many secrets about her history.

Harriet is soon discovered when Harlow notices her fleeing from her, evidently trying to conceal something from her.

When Paul’s granddaughter visits her auntie, she is astounded to learn that Harriet had lied to her about her mother’s diaries.

Harriet will explain that she kept the diaries from her niece because she didn’t want Harlow to learn about her mother’s stint in the Restoration Order cult.

This may be true, but according to a new theory published by, there could be another reason Harriet is so protective of her niece.

It’s possible that Harlow is Harriet’s daughter, not Prue’s, and that the latter was complicit in keeping her sister’s secret hidden.

Harriet could have become pregnant years ago after a one-night fling with a complete stranger with whom she never communicated.

She may have told her sister that she was not ready to be a mother and that she was going to give the kid up for adoption so she would never see it again.

Prue may have devised a plan to raise Harlow as her own child, allowing her to remain involved in the youngster’s life.

Harriet would have realised this was the greatest option since she would have felt closer to the baby as the birth date approached.

She may have kept up the pretence for years, but with Prue’s death and Harlow’s maturation into a lady, Harriet may decide she wants her daughter to know the truth.

Will Harlow learn that the woman she’s always called auntie is actually her mother on her journey to London?

This would imply Harlow has no link to Paul because she isn’t Robert’s daughter, and the Robinson family would be devastated.

When asked about filming the sequences in London, the actress who plays Harlow, Jemma, suggested that there will be secrets revealed.

The heroine of the daytime drama explained: “It reminds me of mother-daughter relationships. She seems like a fun aunt to me.

“Harriet has always been a role model for her, therefore I believe she is a stable presence in her life. It’s good to have someone who acts as a mother figure to you, who cares for you and keeps an eye on you, especially when her mother is no longer there.

“It’s a wonderful connection, in my opinion. It’s a fantastic partnership, in my opinion “She remarked this before going into detail about Harriet and Prue’s connection.

Jemma continued: “They must’ve been extremely close, I’m sure. I believe they are both odd, so I believe they would have been close.”

“And the fact that Harlow is so close to Harriet suggests there was a bond there as well,” she added.

Could all of this indicate that Harriet is Harlow’s biological mother?

As she discussed how she got the part, the actress who plays Harriet teased a lot of secrecy regarding the plot.

“They sent along a few lines and the basis of the plot, as well as the fact that she was this well-dressed, attractive person,” Amanda explained.

“That’s always going to catch me off guard!” They stated that there would be a twist and that she wasn’t who she seemed to be, and that was what drew me in.”

“Harriet is the well-dressed aunt who has always had the financial means to look after Harlow, spoil her, and show her a nice time,” Amanda continued.

“She spoils her and treats her as if she were her own child.” But, I should mention, she’s the more stable one, because my sister, who played Denise Van Outen in the musical, was a bit of a hippy-dippy.

“Harriet is the polar opposite of that, so I believe Harlow connects with her and feels more stable with her.”

Given Harlow’s resemblance to Harriet rather than Prue, there’s a good likelihood the two are mother and daughter.

On Channel 5, Neighbours airs weekdays at 1:45 p.m. and 5:30 p.m.


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