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Home and Away spoilers: Kahu exposed, mysterious arrival and Mackenzie romance twist

A unexpected visitor causes Justin and Leah’s plans to change. Meanwhile, Mackenzie begins a new relationship and Tane learns that Kahu never registered for the Tafe course.

Home and Away’s drama picks up as Justin decides to look into the enigmatic message he found in his backpack.

When he finds a semi-conscious youngster on the floor, he realises it was not a joke.

Justin rushes to the hospital to check on the youngster after dialling an ambulance since he feels guilty.

The rescued youngster is frightened in the hospital, refusing to speak, and wincing at medical care.

He only learns the boy’s name is Andrew and his age by responding to Justin.

Justin looks into the enigmatic note and learns it wasn’t a joke (Image: Channel 5)

But when the youngster claims he isn’t allowed outside and doesn’t know his birthday, his peculiarity becomes alarming.

When the hospital is unable to identify him, the police are contacted, which sends Andrew into a frenzy.

Justin becomes more invested in Andrew as the mystery around his identity unfolds.

Justin begs Andrew for information out of fear that he would be returned to a cruel environment.

Andrew was permitted to stay at Justin and Leah’s home (Image: Channel 5).

According to a psychological evaluation, Andrew possesses the social and emotional abilities of a 9-year-old.

Bree is unable to keep Andrew at the hospital for much longer, so out of the blue, Justin decides to take Andrew home with him.

Andrew’s timid demeanour confronts Leah, who yet goes above and beyond to make him feel welcome.

However, Andrew sneaks into Justin and Leah’s room and keeps an eye on them while they are sleeping peacefully.

Cash gives Justin some unsettling information regarding Andrew’s home (Image: Channel 5)

Cash tells Justin some unsettling facts about Andrew’s home: it has everything it needs to survive off the grid for months, and there is proof that another guy formerly lived there.

However, no identifying records could be located.

The following day, Leah tells Roo that having Andrew in her home irritates her.

Leah is relieved when Justin admits that Andrew needs professional assistance.

Seeing Mackenzie, Kahu looks at her.

But when Andrew shows a sensitive side when he is drawn to Justin’s guitar playing, the adoptive parents wonder if they can send him away.

Tane tells Kahu to back off when he sees Mackenzie in another scene.

Later, Kahu pressures Tane into paying his TAFE course costs, but Tane is shocked to learn that his cousin isn’t actually enrolled in the course.

Kahu is warned by Tane to back off of Mackenzie.

Kahu assures his mother over the phone that he will give her $1500 from the proceeds of his fishing boat.

After confronting Kahu, Tane observes as Kahu cries out for his cousin to contribute to his ‘dream’ of owning and operating a fishing boat.

Tane changes his mind and advises Kahu to keep the cash as an investment, but Felicity is not very moved by her husband’s kindness.

Felicity causes tension at home since she believes Tane is making a mistake by supporting Kahu, and Kahu can’t help but irritate her.

When Tane learns that Kahu has not enrolled in the TAFE course, he is astounded.

Mackenzie, who has become fond of Kahu’s unwavering optimism, consents to assist him in creating a business plan.

Kahu approaches her after Mack advised him to take a chance, and the two of them take their love to the storeroom.

Marilyn receives praise from her friends across the bay for returning all the Stunning Organics parcels.

Marilyn, however, finds the praise offensive because she never gave the boxes back.

Marilyn keeps a secret from her pals that she never returned the Stunning Organics shipments.

Marilyn makes up a meeting that the company’s attorney has scheduled after being caught in a lie.

Roo extends an invitation to attend Marilyn’s meeting with the Stunning Organics attorney in order to express her support.

Marilyn feigns the lawyer’s postponement of the meeting in order to escape.

Marilyn hides the boxes at Irene’s house when she is away from home because she feels ashamed of her hesitation to approach the corporation.

Marilyn uses all of her phoney bravery to persuade her companions that she will confront Stunning Organics.

Marilyn confesses to Kirby that she is over her head.

Marilyn acknowledges to Kirby that she is in over her head.

Marilyn uploads a video criticising Stunning Organics, as Kirby knows best.

However, the video backfires when Stunning Organics makes it known that they will file a defamation lawsuit if the video isn’t removed.

When she returns from Lyrik’s tour, Cash and Eden are better than ever, but Bree and Remi aren’t in the same position.

Bree admits that Remi’s worry forced him to confront repressed worries of a violent Jacob returning home.

Bree admits that Remi’s departure brought up suppressed worries about a violent Jacob returning to the house.

Remi determines that Lyrik needs to create an album because travelling puts too much stress on his relationship because he realises how upsetting his absence is for Bree.

Eden adores the concept of an album, but the band is aware that it is financially unfeasible.

Xander refuses assistance after collapsing on the beach in agony.

Mali doesn’t take no for an answer and pushes Xander home, which causes tension between Rose and Mali.

Mali and Rose are overcome by embarrassment.

Xander humiliates Rose by revealing her fixation with checking Mali’s social media in a fit of rage over having to babysit.

Mali acknowledges that he has also been watching Rose, though.

Rose is relieved to have Mali back in her life, even if she was worried about her brother’s health.

Mali invites the kids out to supper to commemorate Xander’s recuperation.

Xander seizes the opportunity to play cupid and instructs the former couple to go out to dinner separately while he relaxes.


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